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Sounds like a good series, and off to a flying start. Now if only Warren Murphy could be persuaded to try resurrecting The Destroyer.
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Mr. Zeitchik, I'm curious. In your synopsis of the series, are you quoting directly from the movie's press release, or is it your interpretation? I'm hoping the movie sticks closer to the series than Adventure Begins did, but if the people at Columbia believe that Remo's a "vigilante" character who "wreaks havoc on the criminal underworld as well as on those who framed him," I'm a little worried. CURE operates outside the Constitution, but it's (unofficially) officially sanctioned. CURE doesn't practice vigilantism. Also, Remo resents being forced into being CURE's assassin, but he doesn't go after the people who framed him. He takes it out on CURE's director, Harold Smith, but that takes the form of disrespect and sarcasm, not violence. And while he hates being railroaded into CURE, the assignments he is given appeal to his patriotism and his sense of justice. Because of that, he comes to believe what he's being asked to do makes things better and he grudgingly accepts what's happened to him. I want a movie that reflects the best of the series, the sense of fun and the relationship of the characters, not a bunch of slam-bang shoot-em-ups and special effects that forget about all that.
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