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Dear Kristina i cannot even come close to imagine what you are going through. and it brakes my heart because i feel in some way i know you and i wonder: how much does one person have to go through??? your strenght is astonishing, it goes to another lenght than i have ever seen before. you inspire endlessly, even in those dark times that you share with us on facebook. it is difficult to find words when something so tragic happens and "i am sorry" would be the understatement of the year. so with those words above maybe you can find strenght in them when you think you have none left. Apart from your family and friends you are most important to, us, strangers. You have changes our lives, our minds of thinking our motivation about life. Without even knowing we exist but you made a HUGE difference to me and surely to many many others. i wrote my university application the other day and they asked a question about which book touched and ispired me most. obviously i wrote about "the lost years". i wrote about you being a role model and i might have come across a little weird but it is true you have truely touched my life! i wish i could have posted that on facebook. but ohhh (dramatic voice) the shame :/ so yeah, good that you are still not so much.YET ;) sorry for any typos, i'm not english! feel hugged and loved!!xx
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Jan 13, 2012
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Jul 31, 2011
i know it is not a holiday season but i just found that homepage, acutally i just found youtube clips of "addiction" yesterday and that is how i came to that hp. i love love love what you do!! i guess you are very busy but it's a pity that you don't blog more, i seriously enjoy your writing! i especially think that number 8 is something that can be done throughout the year. i volunteer at a home for old people. only once a week but it is a small change to their lives as it is to mine. i walk there thinking of the last night out. all the people i have seen who were high. all the weird, surreal images in my head where i often wonder whether this is my life or some kind of crap movie. i go visit the old people. sober. clear minded. i forget about my messy life for an hour or two. we do all kinds of stuff and everything is fun. i give them my time, they give me their appreciation. it's a win win. and all of us enjoy it. i love it because it is the only thing that i do in my life that excludes money and status. all my family are academics, all of them are career and money driven. i feel like the black sheep but going there, voluntarily makes me feel worthy of living. it gives my life some kind of sense that i don't get anywhere else. anyways just thought i share to spread the idea of voluntary work and how it can impact your life :)
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Jul 31, 2011