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Interests: Knitting, modern dance, visual art, gardening, cooking, travel, community activism
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Hi Cheryl, I was just thinking that should post since appliance reviews now that we have lived with them for a while. Until I get around to writing up something more detailed as a post, let me just say that we love our AGA 6:4. The ovens heat quickly and the different heating methods really offer a lot to work with. Having six gas burners is a dream after the two electric burners on our old Jenn-aire that we used for (ten!) years. We really scored on ours though, by getting the floor model after the retailer was discontinuing the line. Our only complaint - the clock is on a 24 hour time sequence and we can't figure out how to change it. Hope that helps.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2010 on We've Commited at Atelier 918
We actually hired a contractor to do the actual install as it is such a tricky job to get them installed solidly and squarely. The cabinets were moved into position to help the contractor get a sense of how it was going to come together before the install.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2010 on Laying out the bottom cabinetry at Atelier 918
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Mar 15, 2010
It isn't too hard in this instance. I worked on a mohair sweater that was a more challenging yarn to work with. You just have to make sure that you finish each row before you set it down or you might get into trouble. It is also easy to forget to do a yarn over in this pattern and you drop a stitch that way (so many yarn overs!). Still, it is pretty mindless easy, just with a little bit of row and stitch counting - you don't even need a counter for that once you get used to the pattern.
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