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Hi Tara been following you for the past year or so. You hit a very sensitive bone with me this time. I was a member of an armed forces 50 s and early 60s version of the Arian axis Youth movement but this was in Canada. It was called the apprentice traing corps and we trained with 7 or 8 different services branches. The Criteria required that we be high school drop outs who were trying to redo a highschool education while taking military training. It amounted to 2 years of basic training broken up by mornings of High School studies taught in our case by professors from McGill University in Montreal. A few of us were singled out to take various tests at the infamous Allen clinic this was 1961-2 . The bait was that they would test us for ESP . Electrodes were pasted on us, in some tests and in others we were expected to identify cards from their back side. Etc. I cant remember who went with me or the trips back but I can remember the trips there down Sherbrooke Street from Hochelaga Barracks. Recently I reconnected with one of my mates from our same hometown and he has the same memories and ID 'd a third from our town as well who participated. Obviously the selection process engineered by The equally famous Ewen Cameron the credited author of all that is in the Kubark (CIA and USA military interrogation Manual) from experiments he conducted at the Allen Clinic of Mcgill university who acknowledge their participation but haven't apologized as far as i know. See Also see i i The irony is that the cover for the Canadian Governments $contribution to Cameron for this was ESP research . strange that one of these Apprentices, remember we were high school dropouts )became a General and the chief of Defense Staff My old friend is ADD and has known for years. I was diagnosed this year at the age of 71 as ADD Combined. And started on Concerta and We dont know about the third member of our original group but I am guessing he was as well. ESP training. Were they speculating about ESP and high school highly active 16 year old dropouts and ADHD candidates that long ago .
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May 9, 2016