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One does not need to excel only in renown university to be appreciated for academic excellence,and she is only one of the many Cameroonians defending a bellicose reputation in the domain of academics world wide. I don't know why Danny Boy is so worried about it, lets give credit to those who deserve it rather than exercising some misdirected impudence here. hi5 Ma`´moun and keeping chopping the fire, those who want to jump can jump.
Thats what am saying Dr.Neba you got it all write. Cameroonian intellectuals if they do exist back home are all paper tigers.Even people who are naturally blessed with the intellectual abilities to makes changes in this country have decided to trade these for greed and personal safety.Its a fallacy for Ntumfor to thinks this a chance to put on a red feather to his cap and absolutely a moronic blunder from the Chairman of the AU Commission in sending him to Zimbabwe
This is the bunch of idiots who have rendered millions of Africans hopeless for some decades now.Yet they cannot be expose to international pressure or criticisms like their brother Mugabe because so far they have been loyal to their western masters.Its clear they have nothing more to offer to the African people but their greed and fear of justice after power have left them with no option than turning their countries into monarchies. It would be exciting seeing some them living after power. Rascals
"I have the impression that the choice or decision was based on my previous track record as an election expert." Massa leave people..... What have you been doing about democracy in your own country.Has any election conducted in Cameroon be free and fair? Paper tigers. Your own cup shall be full soon as well.
Its sad to realize that souls are being lost for a yet to be identified reasons,and the SCNC crew are already jubilating and thinking of how to the harness the situation to get to their "yet to be identified goal".Some of their comments here are really confusing the whole confusion about the SCNC, am wondering how the situation in Bakassi can help "mk the southener" expose his unalloyed patriotism to the SCNS. If you guys can really identify a definitive objective of your group, then those appointed to lead the phylum are better place to developing the a more palatable method and procedures needed to obtain reasonable results. If you are waiting for opportunities by not creating them, then only the second coming of Christ would be your last remedy. May the souls of those guys rest in the lord and may the bereaved families find some peace.
woa, a traditional ruler buried like a Hollywood's celebrity
Toggle Commented May 28, 2008 on Molyko Chief Buried at Up Station Mountain Club
"Prime Minister, Ephraim Inoni, has warned that the ongoing anti-corruption campaign will nail anyone guilty of embezzling state funds". Am wondering if this Bakingili man knows he is not left out of the show. Such statements is a clear indication that his turn is fast approaching and when time comes they gonna kick his ass, and no matter how nice he sings praises to the head of his phylum he wont spare him. If till now you have been of no significant importance to the people of the SWP, i begin to wonder what would be of the Bakingili people when you finally take your place in jail.Niam
Its true that Ni John Fru and SDF are one of those who have openly challenged Biya and his regime but that was far back in the early 90s, such a biased and regional discriminating analysis from the SG is a clear evidence that the party is just a shadow of itself.Is the SDF an anlgophone party or a national party? I want to belief many other Cameroonians in other parts of the country are equally suffering from the hands of Biya. If the SDF is mostly concern with the anglophone problems,then an integration with the SCNC could produce a powerful fighting force.Its very clear that there is no opposition to the CPDM, SDF stood a better chance but Biya being a political Maradona succeeded in bringing division and internal conflict within them, and today they are just making noise at the back yard.Since then i have just payed little attention to their activities, however if somebody can clarify my doubts in the following issues i could change my impression about the SDF - How many SDF or factions of SDF do we have now? - Were there some controversies in the post of SG that lead to this madam here as SG? - What has become of Prof Asongani? is he still in the game? i see him writing articles here - Is Ni John thinking of leaving power some day? dont you guys think his too much stay in power could be used against him fighting for Biya to step down? or is there no other member of the party capable enough? woa...18 years for one person in a DEMOCRATIC FRONT? Well may be there is more to this than i know.
"you don finish chop british beef since 1980 wey you come here for scholarship before you di come here for talk politik? u don tey for here sotey ur head don shake. go sleep, you to dull for your head." by Rexon.hahhahahah....sah! Rexon take it easy on this guy nor.Are you related to David Chapelle?...sorry this is joke of my day..hahahahah
Well, Simplice might be right that the reporting here is biased with facts that has been presented here.Its obvious that Fonjindam´s managerial wit has been harnessed by his boss and may be for being recalcitrant and not dancing to the music he is not longer wanted as a member of the phylum. However we thank him for at least being productive but for being a member of the phylum helping Biya in his malicious governance, he simply deserve it right now.That may be just from Biya, he should be waiting for punishment from this other side of the street. Its shameful that Cameroonian intellectuals who actually know the truth about what is happening in the country and have access in making Cameroon a better place for everybody have traded their capabilities to greed. The likes of Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Peter Abeti, Emmanuel Pondi,John Ngute, etc whom under STP are befitting political analysts have been rendered academically and pragmatically lulled morons by Biya and his inner cycle.If the writings of Mandela, Wole Soyinka, Achebe and other unalloyed freedom fighters could make political changes in their countries its because they stood by their words no matter the inferno they found themselves.But in Cameroon its a different story, Forjindam and the others rejected already are simply getting the nemesis, we are still waiting for the others to join us in the quarters.
Its true that Forjindam like any other human might not have been perfect in his duties as GM, yet if an anglophone could be left to manage such a luxurious company for over two decades that should call for some reasoning that his positivities must have overshadowed his shortcomings at least to those concerned. Now we dont know if we gonna resorate the fighting of the anglophone problem which has been lulled for sometime now or continue the fight for the liberation of Cameroonian as a whole. This Biya is really a political Maradona, however no matter how good he plays with the ball his time will come. Now Mr.Simplice why are you worried about the authors view of the story? and this time around am surprised you are taking a stand rather than your usual indifferent antics. Have bordered to think how this story would be reported over CRTV or some CPDM communication firm? or may be the authors pragmatic evidence to flesh his writing are making no sense? Please we all know the results of the ongoing investigation even before hand, so if you have more points to paint Forjindam black i would be grateful to learn.
Its pay back time and Abah Abah is simply receiving part of his own nemesis. if he can enhance the doom of other members of his phylum by exposing them fine, if at all he can.
I must say am impressed by the move of Cameroonians in Switzerland and called on others all over the world to try in their own way to expose Biya and his phylum. We can declare the 20 May as a day for peaceful demonstrations for those out of the country but not those in Cameroon, Biya would surely deal with them. Whether from which angle the solution of this issue is coming from is not what matters so long the goal is reached. If the SCNC think they are better placed... fine, if the SDF has a better approach... good, the deplomatic crew may as well think they would excel trouble, and if the violence species believe in themselves...excellent. I think no amount of commentary here can possibly re-orientate members of various factions. What we should be interested in is WHAT HAS BEEN DONE OR WHAT IS BEEN DONE by these factions in reaching this goal.Only progressive results from a faction can attract others and not all these talking here Its not long we shall be juging for ourselves what Simplice and others advocating civic disobidience have been working on as Labour day and 20 May approach. We have not also been sleeping as well, for now am having a list of 39 children of parliamentarians, 13 in the US, 9 in UK, 7 in France,3 in Switzerland, 1 in Span, 5 in Germany and 1 in Sweden. Unforturnately during our search we realized most of these children are even against their parents, with some instigating resignation from their parents and blackmailing them as well.We are giving them sometime to investigate how serious they are on their stands before publishing the list here. What do you guys think? For those who dont have patience, a list of their parents name was published here, so you can start working on them. Though due to tight secrurity we have not been able to handle any one yet we have at least succeeded in depreving them from free life, however we are still trapping them.....
Thanks very much Pa Raymon for the sunday school lession you been trying to pass out here. -First you identified corruption as the center of the current crisis. that might be correct. -next you said somewhere Biya should not be blame for might still be correct. - that this could be treated as a house matter.good If you dont mind i would like to know since when did corruption became an issue in cameroon? What was the immediete cause and current causes of corruption in Cameroonian? Where Cameroonians that corrupt before? Now corruption in the house. If Ramon grew up to be a thief tomorrow, who could be held primarily responsible? is Pa Raymon or somebody else? am just asking What if Raymond could be given some orientation and made to change, whose concen do you think would be most? What if Pa Raymond,Ma Rayond sis and bro Raymond are all thieves, how could this be handle? If you can throw some light on these i could be more interested in your lessons. Thanks
Mr,Nebafuh, what message are you passing here? I dont get any news, just same storries
Please Mr.Simplice allow father and son to finish their fufuh, What is new from your end?
Do people need to be convinced about the existence of a disease? if people are having controversies on this HIV stuff why should efforts not be diverted on more practical research like developing a vaccin for Malaria which we can see with our two cororo eyes killing millions of children everyday. With all the devotion Prof has rendered on this, what significant attention is the Cameroonian government or the international community paying to his wisdom, while the bishops and priest can only give me more work by molesting childrend all over the world yet they sing praises to him in the church, sah! Massa Prof if till now people are still doughting your VINHIVAX i pray you extend your scientific wisdom to some other research work.
Oh Ndinga man, am so sorry i wish i could help. In life its very difficult to eat your cake and have it back, if it was in the late 80s when you started your campaign AM sure Cameroonians would have chanted for your release,i appreciate your struggle to win your reputation but with the matter at hand you just have to try and finish your FUFUH
Good Mr Simplice, this is what i advocate, here feedbacks. But you only get your points if what is said is done, and not some sort of HOT Air as you have always termed others. For your information as well, we have also succeeded in making some idling military and police offers work for the salaries they earn, if your uncle is a parliamentarian ask him how many bodyguards he is having now, and if your sister was dating a parliamentarian ask her if she is not missing her sin partner. What is your interpretation of the following:(verbatim citation) - "weh massa that man no di come chop bush meat again for that place" -" the man ie ngah noba pass for market all these days" - "o boy make da man no feel say that mbele dem go help pi,one day dem go loss sence then ie go hear ie mami Feedback from our field 5 minutes ago, I will keep the forum posted as well
Its definitely clear that the forum is divided to factions but is there a common gold? if there is then various factions should spend more time developing their strategies towards this goal rather than making unnecessary and diversifying comments here. the issue here is to get the goal and not which faction gets the goal. If the diplomatic phylum has resorted civic disobedience as a strategy then Mr Simplice Dannyboy and others should be telling us how far they have gone to convincing Cameroonians to stay indoors during the up coming 20 may, or better still, in some cases of our current crises the military came in through a bloodless coup to save the nation (Amadou Toumani Touré 1991 Maliand Col. Mohamed Khouna Ould Haidallah 1984 Mauritania),could they also spend some time to orientate the Cameroon milary on this issue. Finally Mr Simplice through some logical and tactful means some forumites are succeeding in bring entropy here, don't you think if this tactics could be exploited and extended within the CPDM it can be a good starting point? Dont boarder asking me how to cut off the head of a devil. We should stop using this forum as an arena to exercise our English Language proficiencies and go to work
Thanks Mr Atangha for the clue, but if in trying to answer the compressed question from Simplice and USofA you present a summarized summary of the summary above i will be grateful.
Mr DannyBoy we may be having contradictory views here but remember CONTRADICTIONS IF WELL UNDERSTOOD CAN SPARK UP THE FIRE OF INVENTION. I have been in no way encouraging Cameroonians to go strike actions or advocated the emanation of a civil war in Cameroon.More innocent souls would perish,thats why we need to target those who are the immediate cause of this issue,the parliamentarians, just as Mr eyallow is reasoning. we certainly dont need to target all of them but the few that fall prey would pass out the message. Simplice, you might be right that anybody can do business but once you start excelling you have to dance to the tune or you go down, a cockroach can never be innocent in a gathering fowls, how many successful businessmen are there in Cameroon who are not members of the winning team. Just check the list above
Thanks Rexon for exposing the hypocritic antics of this Dannyboy guy.I thus withdraw any sign of being polite to him in my last comment and declare him a "witchman". Not long from now people of his likes are going to be debunked and castigated.Mr Simplice is more erudite in his comments and should not be classify in the same phylum as Dannyboy.Phylum loss-sensia.But Mr Simplice note that as you are expecting development from this angle we are also interested in developments from the diplomatic crew. Now we got a tentative list of those to be dealt with, its obvious most guys here are in the west and have little access to heads of these rascals.Those abroad need to mobilize those back home both financially and skillfully on how to go about this, and target their children in the west. Accommodation could be given to the services of internationally trained political assassins. Please, if anybody has link on how to contact this guys make it known here as soon as possible. We need some action.
"so a small section of our constitution is being amended, so what?"I would be polite enough to declare this as a repugnant statement from Mr Dannyboy if he is in any way trying to render some members of this forum objects of mockery, satire or castigation.If you were rational enough you shouldn't have been attracted by the size of what is being amended but the implications it has to the well being of your fellow brothers.The extravagant impudence in your statements tell you might have been lucky enough to excel in the inferno these rascals have led us into,the reason may be you claim"as long as our economy is booming" If you have your fellow brothers and sisters as you called them at heart, then i think you give it a second thought and oxidize your definition of economy boom. You even made things worse by counting on Biyas life span as a possibility and trying to differentiate between Biya and the CPDM.They are the same my bro and if you are thinking of beating them in an election,then i recommend you contact Dr Phil, he can give you more lessons on hallucinations and mirages. Finally you took things from fryingpan-to-fire by citing the situation in Zimbabwe.On the contrary its the existence of political lepers in the likes of Mogabe and the tantalizing situation in Zimbabwe that gave Biya the impetus to carry on with his malicious intentions. Please those who think of diplomatic answers should also come up with convincing ideas rather than just being a stearic hindrance to the ironic bond that is trying to be established among those for domo.
And yet another list of supplementary members of the bureau, should they be left out? 1. ABOU MAIMOUNA 2. GALDIMA Lawal BAKARY 3. YAYA MOHAMAN GABDO 4. BOUBA NDENGUE 5. LARBA Esther 6. ABDOULAYE BA 7. OLANGUENA AWONO 8. ANONG ABIKIME Pascal 9. OKOUDA Martin Aristide 10. ALHADJI DANLADI 11. NOAH Chrysogone 12. NTONE Augustine 13. ABDOULAYE BABALE 14. SOLLO William 15. BALEPA Elisabeth 16. BAYEMI Maurice 17. BIDJA Rachel 18. SOMBAYE Roger 19. ALEOKOL Jean-Marie 20. NDOUGO ABOL Antoine 21. NGBA Zacharie 22. ADJI ABDOULAYE 23. GARGA BOBORE 24. MALIKI ENOCH 25. HERWAMA 26. HAMADOU EVELE 27. LAIBE Francis 28. OUMAROU Maïgari 29. BASKOUDA Jean Baptiste 30. BOUKAR LAMINE 31. HEDIDENG OUMAROU 32. ABDOULAYE MARAVA 33. NJOH MOUELE Ebenézer 34. TINJECKE 35. YEBA MBAYEN Marcel 36. ETOUNDI Lucie 37. WINJA MONADAYAO 38. EKOKA Charlotte 39. NGANDO MPONDO Théophile 40. NDZOGANG Albert 41. MINJA ADA TEKE 42. DJODA ALHADJI Denis 43. SINGAI KANGOU 44. SHEY Issac LUKONG 45. TATA John MFORME 46. SHEY John YEMBE 47. MUA Josepha 48. NIBA John YEMBE 49. OYONO Dieudonné 50. DZOGNOU Marie Alice 51. SIYAM SIEWE 52. MBIAPO Félécité 53. FOGUI Jean Pierre 54. TESSA Paul 55. SOB Jacques Richard 56. DSAMOU Micheline 57. MOUICHE Moïse 58. ALAM Emmanuel 59. ELLE ZOUAM Félix 60. ABENKOU Paulette 61. OYONO MFENDA Alexandre 62. MBARGA MVONDO Jean 63. BISSECK Paulette 64. MEDOUANE Paul Emile 65. MBOUH MENGUE Louise 66. MBIAM Emmanuel 67. MFONO Marie Claire 68. BESEKA Christine 69. ENDELEY Gladys 70. NFOMENKY 71. BELIBI Joseph 72. EBOBO Théodore 73. ONANA Isidore 74. TIDJANI HALIFA 75. BAPES BAPES Louis 76. BASSONG Luc 77. ONDOUA MENYE 78. NTYAM NTYAM Philémon