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Salahzar Stenvaag writes in Facebook: More over, I tried to sign up just for curiosity and found out some very bad things: 1\ it seems that my country "Italy" is unlisted in the allowed one, 2\ the sign up page is a total mess, if you fail something you don't have a clue and moreover your email/display name is consumed 3\ If you asked to have it back it doesn't send the password email. At the end, even if I was eager to accept this offer I was prevented to exploit it.
4. Outlook: It would be a better idea for the value-add chain to have an Opensim Mobile App...
1. Use Case Structure: The FAQ remedies previous gaps in eCommerce and Consumer Protection regulations. Nonetheless, Buyer's need to be aware of Online Shopping Assistant from as adopted by 28 countries. Complaint Trends These are the latest trends observed from complaints received through The following data was released in March 2013 from the Federal Trade Commission. The data is based on information collected between January - December 2012. It's a Buyer's market, and not a Seller's market! 2. Value-add Chain: This is actually a double-whammy compounded scam deal... - If you use this tool, you also get LL's predatory August 2013 Terms of Service 2.3 with Vendor Lock-in + Intellectual Property Piracy. - The JIRA agreement terms goes a step further with predatory Patent terms... You pay a double-whammy to get your content ripped off in the final!! 3. Competitive Benchmarking: Cartoon Class versus Cinema Class Forget cartoon-class Second Life with US$295 monthly tiers, use cinema-class Garry's Mod 13 (for one-time 20 Euros - no monthly tiers) on Steam's FREE mobile viewer Success Factor MOOC Educational MOOCs require "Massive" as feature: - SL can handle 25 avatars without lag and crashing, - Opensim can handle 60 avatars, - GMod 13 can handle 140 avatars. How to step into 3rd Life cinema platforms + get Garry's Mod 13 Garry's Mod 13 Terms of Service
Online Shopping Assistant from
Information to be communicated before contract formation
This offering from Hamlet violates EU Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 Information to be communicated before contract formation Sellers: If you want to be compliant with eCommerce + Consumer Protection regulations in 28 countries use: Online Shopping Assistant from Customers: Report your International Complaint in 28 countries here and International Blacklisting with - Scam Alerts here It is a Buyer's market, not a Seller's market! This posting was censored...
This is actually a double-whammy compounded scam deal... If you use this tool, you also get LL's predatory August 2013 Terms of Service 2.3 with Vendor Lock-in + Intellectual Property Piracy. The JIRA agreement terms goes a step further with predatory Patent terms... You pay a double-whammy to get your content ripped off in the final!!
How unspeakable, ridiculous and pathetic do things have to get? Un-quality as well as Lack of Culture for Continuous Improvement is hanging on the noses of the Founder and the new CEO 1. Philip Rosedale complains 00:04 about needing ONE HOUR himself as SL creator to get his audio in Second Life running, next to crashing 2. Eight months later, there was no remedy of the above shoddy incident in the video, does Linden Lab think that Consumers are stupid, then scam us all in August 2013 with their TOS 2.3. I don't care if "die-hard in-the box" sheep try to whitewash these un-acceptable incidents. "Linden Lab invited Mal Burns, Daniel Voyager, Inara Pey, Draxtor Despres and myself to a meet & greet with its new CEO Ebbe Altberg. We started with a little delay due to technological issues and unfortunately quite a few of us had problems with the sound. Ebbe wanted to know if it was normal to have this much audio difficulty, we explained that many of us used Skype for recordings and such. I could almost hear Ebbe make a mental note of this" It's a Buyer's, not a Seller's market. This valid posting was censored...
@pussycat Hamlet wants exactly what is coming... "...though I suspect Alteberg is about to be overwhelmed by a deluge of comments and requests. (Insert "Brace yourself" meme here.) Hat tip: Nalates, who has more thoughts."
@desmond Indeed, there has been censoring... Due to out-of-proportion censoring, this thread does not comply with Journalist Code of Ethics Virtual Worlds lacks a culture of quality continuous improvement (also called Kaizen) based on empowering consumers, it is not about empowering platforms or tools What is Kaizen? It is a Buyer's market, not a Seller's market.
Ebbe Altberg got things wrong if he means Platform Empowernment, it's about Consumer Protection + Empowernment. This is Consumer Protection + Empowerment... OECD Consumer Policy Toolkit > What is Consumer Detriment? Eight Basic Consumer Rights in Virtual Worlds > On 15 March, 1962, US President John F. Kennedy delivered an historic address to the US Congress in which he outlined his vision of consumer rights. This was the first time any politician had formerly set out such principles. 'Consumers by definition, include us all,' Kennedy said in his Congressional Statement, 'They are the largest economic group, affecting and affected by almost every public and private economic decision. Yet they are the only important group... whose views are often not heard.' Over time, the consumer movement has developed this vision into a set of Eight Basic Consumer Rights that now define and inspire much of the work CI and its members do (around areas such as financial services and communications) OECD Workshop on Consumer Protection and Empowerment in the Purchase of Digital Content (2012) OECD - Empowering E-Consumers (2009): Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Internet Economy OECD Guidelines for Protecting Consumers from Fraudulent and Deceptive Commercial Practices Across Borders (2003) OECD Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce (1999)
Promises Promise Promises " Linden Lab CEO promised much more openness, transparency, empowernment, responsiveness to JIRA support tickets..." Well, let's really dig in, and take a look at the JIRA support ticket Agreement Terms: "All submissions to this site are governed by Second Life Project Contribution Agreement. By submitting patches and other information using this site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to those terms." What is Second Life Project Contribution Agreement? This Contribution Agreement resembles Linden Lab's predatory Terms of Service 2.3, the Intellectual Property Piracy issue presently under scrutiny. But this JIRA Agreement goes a step further to add predatory terms for Patent issues as well. The Lawyer's Redress about the August 2013 TOS 2.3 was mid-November 2013, Linden Lab has already been warned about being reported to the Federal Trade Commission, this is the immediate pending risk for LL now - LL is lacking a response since mid November 2013. Moreover, the former CEO ditched his job in January 2014 > Linden Lab remains silent to respond to these lawyer's redress requests.
Garry's Mod 13 is an integrated mashup of Gamification + Metaverse all-in-one for one-time 20 Euros, it operates under the Steam viewer with no monthly tiers, including mobile + TV + 3D stereoscopic + Playstaion + XBox. GMod stooped down to integrate both functionalities, Second Life missed the train to stoop up with this piece of Convergence Culture. The Killer sentence in Wikipedia... "Although Garry's Mod is usually considered to be a full game, it has no game objective and players can use the game's set of tools for any purpose whatsoever. Garry's Mod allows players to manipulate items, furniture and "props" – various objects that players can place in-game. Props can be selected from any installed Source engine game or from a community created collection."
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Sep 27, 2013