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@Lance L: I didn't see anything in that article or the ones it linked to about eliminating the $7.99 price, just adding high-end & low-end options with $7.99 becoming the mid-point option. If they make this available to existing customers, I'd downgrade to the $6.99 plan. Most of what I stream isn't available in HD and even for what is available, on my largest screen (24-inch widescreen HD computer monitor) the difference between an HD stream and a good quality SD stream is clearly noticable, but not worth paying extra for. I don't share my account with anyone, so I don't need or want to stream more than 1 thing at a time and my ISPs bandwidth caps & ridiculous overage fees make HD streaming financially undesirable as well.
There are 3 short-lived mid-80's sitcoms I'd like to see again (even though I fully realize they're worse than I remember). All three are owned by Sony and will likely never be released on DVD. Jennifer Slept Here (starred Ann Jillian) It's Your Move (starred Jason Bateman) Double Trouble
Downton Abbey season 3 should be listed in the DVD releases. Street date is tomorrow (January 29) and the email I got this morning from Netflix says they've shipped me disc 2 (I intentionally skipped disc 1 since I saw those episodes on PBS).
I still almost always receive discs the day after they're sent from my regular distribution center, that hasn't changed. Returns, however, are getting slower. Historically, my returns take 1 day about half the time and 2 days the other half. Returns still aren't taking longer than 2 days, but the roughly 50/50 split between 1 & 2 day returns is definitely shifting toward most returns taking 2 days and fewer taking only 1 day. At the moment, fewer discs is more convenient for me due to other commitments and a streaming queue containing a bunch of titles not available on DVD, but eventually I'll probably compensate for the slower mail by switching from 1-at-a-time + streaming to 3-at-a-time & no streaming.
Last month, you reported they were facing local opposition to their plan to expand in their current location. This news is probably the result. June 14 article June 29 article
I downgraded my cable to the lowest tier (limited basic only) about 4 years ago. I missed the "expanded basic" channels for about 5 minutes. OTA isn't a viable option for me at the moment, so I won't cancel completely, but between the channels I still get, streaming from various sites and DVDs rented from Netflix, I have plenty to watch.
Should they offer a disc-only plan? Yes. Would I subscribe to a disc-only plan if it were offered? Yes. Will it happen? No. Will I still be a Netflix customer after they go streaming-only in the US? No.
They should expand their deal with CBC to get more CBC shows to American subscribers. Specifically, I'd like to see Netflix USA get streaming rights to the current CBC shows "Republic of Doyle," and "Little Mosque on the Prairie" as well as the now-cancelled series "The Newsroom" and the seasons of "Da Vinci's Inquest" they don't already have. Ideally, I'd also like to see them get "Being Erica" and "The Border," but I realize that won't happen since US rights to those shows are already licensed to other companies.
"Robson Arms" season 2 because I'd already seen season 1 and wanted to see the rest of the series.
If continuing to receive DVDs (and other mail) on Saturday is really that important to you, go down to your local post office and rent a box. Mail will still be delivered to P.O. boxes on Saturdays after they eliminate carrier delivery.
"Corner Gas" seasons 5 & 6 were released in the US in August 2009 but aren't even listed on the Netflix site. Netflix has the first four seasons, as well as other titles from the same distributor, but not these. There also some other Canadian TV series available on DVD in Canada but not the US which I'd like Netflix to add to their database. I realize Netflix couldn't carry the DVDs even if they wanted to, but I want to rate them and I expect some people would like to "save" the titles to their queues in the event the titles ever become available on this side of the border. "Being Erica" season 1 "The Border" seasons 1 & 2 "The Collector" seasons 1 & 2 "Little Mosque on the Prairie" seasons 1,2 & 3 "Regenesis" season 1
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May 19, 2010