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Doohan Darlings
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╲╱╲╱◯╲╱╲╱ "GӨD ΉAƧ DΣSIЯΣD ƬӨ SAVΣ A GΣПΣЯAƬIӨП" ☄ ₀´-----┬├┤A╱╲╱K Y◯└┘ all for sharing----we °◦°◦°CELEBRATE°◦°◦°this ∏∏o∏∏e∏┼ like ∏∉√∈☈ ʙ∊fore of awesome゜゚U・П・I・Ƭ・I・Ƭ・Y゜゚.......... ・*.。:*˚..•✩..A 。₦ 。G 。モ 。 Ł 。s゚・*.。:*are watching over B♥E♥A♥U♥T♥I♥F♥U♥L Egypt
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Jan 15, 2012