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Who do you think will win the awards? Staverley and Sanderson? I voted for Traitor's Blade--I agreed with all your assessments but I think I put more emphasis on 'engaging' and 'entertaining'--and Half a King, because it is criminal that Joe didn't win with Heroes all those years back.
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2015 on DGLA: And the winner is... at Pornokitsch
This probably sounds like hell on Earth to you, but you should really review more Sanderson. I have a lot of trouble finding neutral reviews for his stuff.
I think we have to be careful not to demean the awards (for want of a better word). I mean, they're already precariously close to being a random internet opinion poll and it should try a preserve a veneer of respectability. I dislike 'award arrogance' as much as anyone, but there's a difference between accessible and casual. That's why I dislike the idea of voting off-site, the extra categories you proposed and ditching the trophies all together. On that last note though, current Snaga does sound absurdly expensive, so they perhaps could afford to ...downsize it maybe? It would keep a trophy while freeing up funds for elsewhere. I'm inclined to agree with Mark on the multiple votes. Yes, lots of people would have to think before placing their second vote, but I think said votes would go to the more popular authors. Some voters simply don't know many of the authors, outside of Martin, Sanderson and Rothfuss, and you vote for names you recognise first and foremost. I completely agree with all your other suggestions though, particularly the renaming one. DGLA is a mouthful, especially compared to 'Legend'.
Yay! I really enjoy these posts--very insightful. Your Red Country and Emperor of Thorns reviews are some of the best I've read. DGLA's are a celebration of fantasy and your posts are a big part of that, for me. Also, I thoroughly approve of your series policy this time round. Most series are reasonably standalone-ish. Those that aren't might be unfairly punished, but overall it's be better than the alternative, which is to have possibly average books being carried on their back of their prequels.
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May 26, 2015