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Joe Siegler
Garland, TX
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The Starbucks around me have been serving Red cups for the last three days.
Thirteen, although in all fairness, the one we use most regularly is the Sony Blu-Ray player. Occasionally TiVo. These others are capable, but I almost never use them for Netflix. Xbox 360 PS3 Wii Sony Blu-Ray Player TiVo Tivo 2 My iPad Wife's iPad iPhone iPod Touch iPod Touch 2 PC PC 2
Epic fail.
"The only tradeoff is a one-year commitment at $20 per month for the service" <-- What happens after that one year? Does the price go down to the more traditional $12.95? Or are you stuck with the $20 fee for that box forever?
The three part videos.. Are those the same videos that Ebert had linked to himself and then got seriously pissed off when they were removed? If you're familiar with his story in the last 5-6 years, it should be a known story. Phil's reply: They're the same videos, and it looks as though they were restored after the Esquire story earlier this year mentioned Ebert's anger at their removal.
Dec 19th? It airs on November 15th - in the UK, anyway. Unless you're saying the US date is Dec 19th, that's erroneous.
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