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What wonderful news and proof that if the people take the time and make the effort to let their feelings be known on topics, they can certainly change what governments are doing! We are powerful! This morning, as I prepare to speak at the International Revolution for Choice Rally at 2 PM AEST in Brisbane, I want to urge, beg and implore everyone who is within driving distance - regardless of your views on the benefits or risks of this particular medical procedure - to come out and support the inalienable right for people to decide what does and does not go into their own bodies and the bodies of their minor children. Without this freedom, we have nothing! Australians, we have the most restrictive vaccination laws of any developed country in the world so let's unite to oppose these illegal and undemocratic actions - I hope to see you all in Brisbane and on Facebook Live (australian vaccination-skeptics network inc. - avn) on Facebook) if you're too far away.
Fantastic article and spot on! On a related but scary note - I read yesterday that the second round of spending cuts which are supposed to be passed by the US Congress may take money away from the already poorly-funded assistance for the disabled and special education programs. With 1 child in 38 (according to the latest research in South Korea) already falling within the autistic spectrum, what will happen when our kids no longer even have the lousy services they're entitled to now? I have a suggestion to make. When this happens, go to your local member of Congress and leave your kids in his or her office for the day. Tell them that since there is no other program for these children and since it is their responsibility as your representative to ensure that children like these are cared for, you're sure that they won't mind seeing what your life is like - just for a day. That will hopefully affect their intentions when it comes to voting. Oh, and tell them that you will be giving their details to all of the other parents in your autism support groups and that they have already made up a roster to do the same and since autism is so common now, they should make sure that their office is staffed day and night - weekday and weekend - for the next 12 years! That will be one way to let these $%686^^&& know what living with an autistic child is really like. It will be an educational experience all around. Meryl Dorey Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.
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Dec 19, 2009