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As a Christian, I can confidently assert that this murdered Buddhist was far more righteous than the combined righteousness of a thousand Muslims of the same mindset as his assassins.
herdzcatz added a favorite at Atlas Shrugs
Apr 23, 2011
To any Muslims reading this site: Concerning "Bloody Friday": Jesus died a very bloody death on a Friday a couple of thousand years ago. Strangely enough, His death was for ALL men, including YOU. Your need for One who bore your well-deserved punishment for hideous sins is evident for all, even non-Christians, to see. Your Allah does not give a hoot about you. He gives you crazed guidance to kill and to rape. No holiness there. That's why you DESPERATELY need the mercy and forgivenness of the One who not only was killed but who also rose from the grave, conquering death...yep, even death at the end of your swords and bombs! Why serve that loser Allah? The only eternity such service will render is in a very real hell minus any access to virgins despite the number of Jews, Christians, Hindus or others you may kill. Hate to tell you, but if you continue to embrace this atrocity of Islam, you have already lost all you will ever hope to gain.
The jewelry store owner estimated it was a childish prank. Yep, that's the truth. Jew-haters are like armed, petulent children who are spoiled by tolerant, doting adults. Recipe for disaster.
Thanks for sharing this brave man's comments. And thank you for confronting CAIR in the transit billboard drive.
Pamela, maybe now you and Robert need to take over the helm of the Pentagon and Comedy Central, as well.
What do Franklin Graham and South Park have in common? Not much. Until today. Both are offensive to Islam. I am offensive to Islam; your dog is offensive to Islam; church bells are offensive to Islam; loving and free communication and open and honest dialogue are offensive to Islam....Wake up Pentagon and Comedy Central. Neither of you have EVER been acceptable to Islam. Why cower before them now? This is highly offensive to ME.
Ahhhhhh!!!! Fresh air just in time for day!!!! I praise God for this wonderful victory, and for Pamela and Robert, "two people fighting with all the gusto we can muster." Pamela and Robert, you needed this, we needed this, oppressed Muslims "yearning to breathe free" needed this, America needed this!!!! Your words as well as your efforts are inspiring! You said, "I am the individual --trying to change the course of human events. We make things happen. We are on the offense in this war on the West." Amen, my dear friend of humanity. Amen!
Glenn Beck suggested Monday that we were to not look at anything that occurs in the next few weeks as "coincidents". The raiding of the "Christian militias" in late March sort of paved the way to smoothly transition easily herded sheep to "connect the dots" between tax day Tea Parties and McVeigh's atrocity. Just a coincidence, huh? Thank you, Pamela, for giving the space to Jayna Davis's research and experiences. More TRUTH backs these findings about Islamic involvement in OKC than anything so-called truthers have on some 9-11 "inside job".
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2010 on McVeigh Mania at Atlas Shrugs
Only one thing shocks me in this story and that is that the baby-mama is still alive.
The term "Social Justice" is purposely misleading. No one is against TRUE social justice--TRUE social justice goes hand in hand with the Constitution. However the "Social Justice" put forth by these folks is an attempt in public education and in other forums to rewire American thinking one mind at a time, causing intense entitlement on the one hand and intense, mouth-closing guilt on the other. I escaped (retired) from public school in June and before I left, my administration and their professional development team provided various exercises in which those privileged ones among us could be displayed openly as the "oppressors" of our society with an activity in which we stepped forward if a statement described us or our upbringing and stepped backwards if not. Another activity was designed to enlighten us as to whether we were the Oppressor or the Oppressed. I ended up in the Oppressor category for everything except one. I am white, Christian, of European descent, middle-class, and heterosexual, all of which labeled me an Oppressor. However, I am a female which made me Oppressed. I told my administrator in front of all those assembled that I was NOT oppressed as a female; indeed, to me my gender is an advantage. My administrator (a wise Latina) told me, "Oh, NO! You are Oppressed." Now I realize that this wise woman meant, "You are Oppressed for having to waste your time in a 'Social Justice' professional development." My purpose in telling this story is for folks to realize what EXACTLY is meant by the term "Social Justice" these days. It is a LOADED term; it DOES NOT mean being nice and just to everyone.
Hi Pamela, I sent an email to the transit company and want to donate, too, but your donation button is down. Will try again tomorrow.
I will believe in the "unbiased" stance of the ACLU when they offer the exact same deal to arrested or harrassed "Christian" militia members throughout the US.
Pamela, I almost forgot!!!! Have a blessed, happy Passover!
Dear Henry Waxman, AT&T, Verizon, Caterpillar, Deere, Valero Energy, AK Steel and 3M merely comprise the tip of the iceberg hitting the "SS Obama". Cathy Rumbaugh, your comment reminded me of Luke 10:18, "I beheld Satan fall from heaven like lightning." Random scripture, random thought. Or not.
I thank you, too, along with Marlene, Pamela, for sharing this article. Shame, shame, shame and forced exposure to this truth be upon those who coddle and protect this perverse and depraved worldview.
They should have had him walk the plank in Allah's shark territory. More of him to go around for the virgins.
Brilliant folks, those Muslims. Who woulda thunk that a University named for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost would write "in the year of our Lord" on its diploma? Those sleuthful Muslims exposed the "year-of-our-Lord-on-the-diploma" conspiracy!
And they're articulate, as well!
I guess, according to main-stream media, a picture paints a dozen or so words.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2010 on Media Liars! Turn off the O-ganda at Atlas Shrugs
It is not over. Paul the apostle said, "Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ" [in this case, worthy of the nation which we love], "so that...I will hear that you are standing firm in ONE spirit, with ONE mind striving together for the faith of the gospel [for the survival and deliverance of the Republic]; IN NO WAY ALARMED BY YOUR OPPONENTS--WHICH IS A SIGN OF DESTRUCTION FOR THEM, BUT OF SALVATION FOR YOU, and that, too, from God." Phil. 1:27-28 Pray for the brilliant legal minds, pray for the grassroots people, pray for the voices like Pamela and Rush and all the rest, and pray for yourselves so that you may carry the torch of freedom DESPITE the encroaching darkness. Wherever there is LIGHT, darkness cannot win.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Bye Bye Miss American Pie at Atlas Shrugs
I needed that laugh! Thanks!
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2010 on Husseinfeld -- The Series! at Atlas Shrugs
Amen, President Reagan!
Prayers will be launched from St. Louis for the 50th and 51st St. gathering tomorrow.
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2010 on SUPPORT ISRAELI DEFENSE TODAY NYC at Atlas Shrugs
Islam harbors and condones criminally insane behavior. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. may have among their ranks the criminally insane and those fond of decapitation, but especially in modern time no such psychopath is as protected and excused as the Muslim psychopath.