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I don't think I've ever heard a bigger ovation in a concert than when I was in Springfield, MA as a teenager watching Poison open up for David Lee Roth at Springfield Civic Center. Someone in the band (maybe Bret Michaels, maybe not), exclaimed: "Fucking Springfield!!! FUCK YOU!!!" The place went crazy, meaning you can even insult the city you're in as, as long as you get the name of the place right. So "Hello Seattle" is fine if you're in Seattle, no matter where you're from, where as "Hello San Francisco" is not OK if you're in Oakland.
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It's not just likely that Borchetta was quoting U.S. revenue, it's what he stated "revenue from domestic streams." He absolutely chose it because it's significantly smaller, and he knew that the bloggers who wrote about it would report only the disparate numbers and ignore the context. Congrats to you for not falling for it; you're the only one so far.
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I'm in! Thanks!
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I'm sure you did, but I find it odd that they would use a screen of movie cases to announce a music service. It's just indicative of the amount of thought that went into this. If you're making a portable downloading service that can't put the songs directly onto an iPhone or iPod (which this can't), you're not building a sustainable business model.
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That's an article about a music downloading service, yet the picture shows a bunch of movies. I see 18 Again, Amadeus, 2010 ... I don't see any albums, though. This is, of course, the worst idea I've seen in years.
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Dec 10, 2010