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Dorian Jones
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If the "Gift" you offerd REQUIRED the mentioned conditions, I would inform you that It is not a Gift I would say no it is NOT a gift.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on Gift or Wage? at Letter of Marque
There is a semi pelagian verson of this too.."The Holy Spirit- He Can Do it... You can help... Give me a break...
Manager. 1)Paul saw Jesus face to face- Acts 9:3-6 2)The disciples trusted Paul,and Paul was a part of the ministry in Jerusalem- Acts 9:26-28 3)The Apostle Peter considered Paul's Letters to be Scriptures and regarded Paul as a beloved brother.-2 Peter 3:15-16 4)The Lord sent the disciple Ananias to Paul,who God said was a Chosen vessel to bear His name to the Gentiles.- Acts 9:11-16 You really should stop reading emergent garbage, and stick to the BIBLE
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Mar 18, 2010