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Jennie, save your emotions for legitmate. issues. This person is a psychotic anti-cat joy killer. Read his previous comments under the name Firstname Lastname. Perhaps he gets cats from various sources just to torture and kill them.
Dear Cretin, you can change your name, but it doesn't hide your vicious, violent, psychotic personality. Cretin is a good name for you.
Sorry Stacey, you don't make a very good case to defend the fact that you have no compassion for cats. And you want to make the victims pay for the sins of the original weapons of mass destruction: humans!! As for the "community" cat attacking you, there is more to this story then we can trust you to tell. This is common behavior among kittens and young cats. Don't misunderstand, I get angry when I see stray cats, because I'm opposed to it. People like me, who care about ALL animals, spend our resources, time, and skills picking up the pieces. But I would *never* choose to destroy a victim of man's making just because some humans are intolerant and vicious. I feed the birds in winter, and it's painful for me to look out the window and see a hawk on the stalk or to go out and see all that remains of a bird is some feathers. Likewise, when I hear owls in the night, I know they live because other creatures died--not just birds. I love rabbits! It's torture to my soul to know how they are preyed upon by all the predators. Before I let my dogs out in the evening, I scan the yard to make sure no rabbits are out there. If one of my dogs kills a bird or other creature, I traumatize the dog over the incident. It takes a village to keep animals safe, but, unfortunately, it only takes a few animal haters and some elected bully nuttyness to do a lot of damage. "Take away the animals and insects, and in fifty years the earth will die. Take away the humans, and in fifty years the earth will flourish."
Stacey claims she has been "in situations where feral cats have caused significant property damage." But she fails to give even one clue as to what kind of damage these cats are guilty of. It just seems to me, cats aren't a favorite of hers. As for the "balanced" web site posted by Jenn, it reads more like a site written by cat-nazis. As a matter of fact, it reads like a page out of some of the bird-lovers propaganda manuals. To FL: You state, "Destroying cats is NOT hating cats nor a fear of cats." FL, in your case, this is a description of your derangement. Your writing clearly paints you as a psychotic joy killer. You are a danger to society!! I've seen your writings before. I'm not sure if you authored them or you just parrot them from those bird-lover's propaganda crap. This year, I've trapped three stray cats in my area. The first one is feral. I had her spayed and I released her. The second one was very domesticated, she was adopted. The third one is currently in my house awaiting surgery. I do what I can, but we must remember, not all compassionate people can afford to have the strays altered. Because there is a handicapped raccoon(she does not have use of either front paw. Most likely an auto victim) in my area, I have been feeding her for six months. Many other raccoons, several opossums, the altered feral cat plus two other stray cats all come to feed. Under such an ordinance, I would be mandated to claim them all. What a bunch of garbage!! The real scary issue here is the serious abuse of power by an elected body. Equally as bad as cat haters are the elected bullies. I believe the ordinance was written after some intolerant cat haters made complaints--you know, it's birds over cats. The ordinance was fashioned in a manner to *entrap* compassionate people like Ms Betancourt. As a matter of fact, this ordinance may have been tweaked specifically against Ms Betancourt. If I had the funds, I would help her drag this issue through the courts, where I'm sure she would win. My heart goes out to Ms Betancourt. I would like to suggest a new ordinance for the community of Liberty, MO: An ordinance that makes it unlawful to have behavior unbecoming a human. It should be fashioned in a manner to entrap community bullies.
Such nonsense was formed in more pagan times. It is a man-made ritual dreamed up by men who were definitely ignorant and who suffered from dogmatism. Unfortunately, the male species, as a leader, is able to command a community of followers who blindly follow like sheep to the slaughter, Think Jim Jones of Guyana. I find it appalling when the followers of any faction are so enthralled that they lose, or never develop, the ability to recognize cruelty. That's how the Nazi's were able to pull off their horrendous deeds against Jews. I've looked at pictures and videos of men and boys engaged in this crazy nonsense,and honestly, they look and act like witches. More likely than not, these people will be considered candidates for hell for turning a blind eye to cruelty in exchange for personal greed In these modern times, I find it difficult to believe that those committing this atrocity are really religious or mature. I'm wondering what it is they personally get from this behavior. I suspect much of this craziness has some motivating dollar signs. It seems to me this weird ritual has a lot in common with rodeo cruelty--they claim it's traditional; dog fighting--they think they should be free to engage in such violence; bull fighting--they claim it's traditional; dog racing--where a sentient being is used as a unit of profit; and many other ghastly man-made horrors. Since animals were created first, I think it definitely shows an order of priority and value. It’s extremely appalling when otherwise decent humans embrace cruelty, in the name of religion, tradition, or entertainment. Animal cruelty is still cruelty. I think I can safely assume many of these participants have pets. I challenge them to imagine holding any of their pets with their legs or wings pulled behind them. Yet, they become conscienceless when the chicken, which they have no personal relationship with, is tortured for their selfish sake. This is just plain sick! P. S. effie, It's not "symbolic," It's animal abuse. And, effie, you're an idiot! See, it works both ways. Now go to your room and grow up! The world doesn't need another monster.
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Sep 9, 2010