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I don't even know where to begin with this comment, but let me attempt to spill my feelings... THANK YOU for writing this. So much of this has captured how I've felt for at least a few weeks now, maybe even months. You already KNOW I always appreciate constructive feedback, or a new perspective on things, and I find this lovely. However, there are so many people who hide behind 'I'm just saying how it is' or 'Well Im allowed to say my opinion' - when they're being total negative bitches. I always try focus on the positive, because its helped me SO much in the past personally, its' changed my life. So I fully believe doing this (especially as part of the girl gang) is a great and powerful thing. However some people misconstrue this as being FAKE, or have a go at me for being so happy/positive, or tell me Im living with my head in the clouds if I'm not facing up to the negative aspects. God. I'm so god damn tired of hearing all this to be honest. Focusing on the good is what we need, we really dont need more negativity, and it doesnt make you fake to want to try to be better. And I use the word TRYING here. Because this is one of the biggest things I;ve faced with the girl gang so far. People think Im fake if I dont like someone, or something, because Im part of the girl gang. Wow. Im like.. really??? What do you thinks this community is for? Loving everyone and everything? Because its not! Thats life! You wont like everyone. But I fully believe in ignoring the negative where possible, and focusing on the good. I dont have to mouth off about who I dont like, or who I think is really bitchy/toxic/etc. I try to look at those who inspire me, I try to rave about my favourite people, I try to help newbies feel like they have a place to fit in. I try to give love to those who also give it back - not just to me. But people who I see doing good. Those are the people I want to talk about, and get to know. Those positive babes. I've received a lot of hate for starting the girl gang, and a lot of people are surprised by that when I tell them. Because I try not to give those haters any attention, or publicly chat about it. But its happened a lot, and its gotten me down so much. But it really really really made me even more determined. We need the girl gang. We need these panels of women getting together and creating inspiring discussions. We need those people who focus on the good and lift each other up. And we need people like you, who word things much more eloquently than I ever could. Thank you <3 Maybe one day I'll write a blog post on this, about my own experiences. But for now, your words have said it all for me, and reminded me that it;s not all bad. Jemma xx
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2016 on How Blogging Got Bitchy at The Prosecco Diaries
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Feb 21, 2016