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Mar 15, 2010
Writing for the ears is such a good, succinct way to say it. When writing my own speeches I now follow advice from Paul Carroll and make an initial MP3 recording of ideas. i.e. taking your theme and talking until you run out of things to says. Particularly for short Toastmasters speeches this provides more than enough material for structuring your talk.'ve started the process aurally - which makes for good ear writing.
Hi Mark - it's one of those subjects that keeps rumbling round! There was a time when you did a Google search and most of the links said 93% of communication is non-verbal. Now, thank goodness, there are lots of people supporting Prof Mehrabian and saying that this blanket statement about communication is false. Only problem now is that some still haven't quite understood what his research actually says...but there is definite improvement in understanding and accuracy. Let's hope we stop hearing the misinformation in Toastmasters meetings! It was good to hear Mehrabian's voice on the BBC radio show.
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It just goes to show that whether your networking is face-to-face or online there is a limit. You have to prioritize and focus your efforts. PS love your phrase "200mg of Perspective."
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2007 on Social Media Stupor Syndrome at Talk It Up!
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