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These are great! Just made an owl with my 3 year old. She liked it so much we made a cat to go with the owl and she's now acting out The Owl and The Pussycat with her new 'puppets'. Thanks so much for posting this! :-)
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You've hit the nail on the head - even though the designer and agency have owned up, Paperchase continue to shoot themselves in the foot with their blame shifting. By ignoring the issue until they were forced to acknowledge it and then passing the buck, all they have shown is that they think they should be allowed to do what they like. I tweeted to them myself yesterday saying that by taking this attitude, they were making me more likely to boycott them from now on, as they've shown no attempt to fix the problem this time, or prevent it happening again in future. They need to do a big public apology to you. NOW. Especially as they tried to imply you were lying in their silly web statement.
I've sent them a note - I think it is very poor of them to carry on as usual until the media picked up your story and to now attempt to shift all the blame onto the design house they allegedly bought the images from. Surely the responsible thing to do would have been to pull the design from their stores completely until a proper investigation had been undertaken.
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Feb 11, 2010