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Posted Jun 7, 2015 at Dandyfunk
Airships and Lizard-men -- what more could you want? Get it here. Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2013 at Dandyfunk
Everybody loves a sunset. Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2013 at Dandyfunk
Are you tired of the same old politics? Then Politics Unusual is the literary choice for you. Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2012 at Dandyfunk
My story "The Political Machine", from the anthology Politics Unusual, is now available at Smashwords: Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2012 at Dandyfunk
I've always been a storyteller. I remember standing in the second grade schoolyard and captivating some classmate with the most outrageous string of, ahem, embellishments to the story I was telling. A few years later I committed those stories to... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2011 at Dandyfunk
Well, not quite a movie. My short story, "How High the Moon", originally published at Flash Fiction Online (read it here), has been made into a short film by Canadian Filmaker Nguyen-ahn Nguyen. It's in French, without subtitles, but you... Continue reading
Posted May 25, 2011 at Dandyfunk
I watched Endeavour's final flight at the breakfast table, linked to NASA's webpage on my laptop through the home wireless network. Years ago, I watched Apollo 17 take off from the moon. On a black and white TV set, with... Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2011 at Dandyfunk
And the last day at work. Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2011 at Dandyfunk
. . . is no news. For me anyway. But some of my friends have been doing good stuff. J Kathleen Cheney, a friend from WotF 24, made the Nebula Awards ballot with her story Iron Shoes! It came out... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2011 at Dandyfunk
Saint Nick paid an early visit to Boonton today, giving out candy to all the good little girls and boys, thanks to the Boonton Fire Deptartment. Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2010 at Dandyfunk
My winning entry in the Jim Baen Memorial Writing contest is this month's featured story at Direct link to the complete story here. Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2010 at Dandyfunk
I jumped into this year's NaNo without much thought, and sometimes that's a good thing. I made the 50 k mark, just barely, and on the last day. The other two times I won, I finished a day early. This... Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2010 at Dandyfunk
Just finished. 50,009 words. My fifth attempt, and third win. Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2010 at Dandyfunk
The prize package for the JBMWC came (quite awhile back). Here's the very cool trophy: The rest of the package was a great assortment of cool stuff from Baen: I got a Baen book bag, stainless steel mug and 2... Continue reading
Posted Sep 9, 2010 at Dandyfunk
From the fireworks at Cairo, NY. Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2010 at Dandyfunk
A podcast of my workshop "Writing a Story in 6 Easy Pieces" has gone up at the website for the Garden State Horror Writers. Members can hear the entire workshop, visitors can hear a 10 minute excerpt. Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2010 at Dandyfunk
I just sold my story "First Light" to Redstone Science Fiction. This is a great new eZine, and the story should be out early next year. Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2010 at Dandyfunk
If you are interested in Lovecraftian fiction, check out The Innsmouth Free Press. In their own words, "Innsmouth Free Press is a fictional newspaper publishing faux news pieces – lovingly called Monster Bytes – in a Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos universe, as... Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2010 at Dandyfunk
My story "Space Hero" has won the Grand Prize in the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest. Last year I won second place with a re-write of one of my WotF quarter-finalist stories, but this year I managed to write two... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2010 at Dandyfunk
Actually, I finished this one: The Things that are not There by CJ Henderson. This novel takes the Lovecraftian Horror story and welds it together with some hard-boiled detective fiction. I mean, really, if some nameless unspeakable horror from the... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2010 at Dandyfunk
The first crocus is up! Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2010 at Dandyfunk
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Mar 15, 2010
Doug Fieger, lead singer and songwriter for The Knack, died sunday after a long battle with lung cancer. The band's big hit was, as anyone who was alive in 1979 knows, My Sharona. And that song remains etched on my... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2010 at Dandyfunk