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I was wondering if under the new HCR Bill the Medicaid expansion will begin right away. The answer unfortunately turns out to be no. It begins in 2014 same as other major benefits like the Exchanges, Subsidies and Preex ban. I wonder what is the rationale? Nancy Ann Deparle - Head of the HCR Dept in Whitehouse, offered the lame excuse "infrastructure for Exchanges gets setup over the next few years". Imagine taking four years to setup an exchange which is a logical structure - possibly a Website? Lame Lame Lame. Even this lame excuse does not apply to the the delay in the beginning of Medicaid expansion where any expansion in manpower can take place gradually as more and more people enroll. Another disingenuous excuse is that the Pay-go rules require us to save before we can spend. This is weird because the budget neutrality is supposed to be achieved not year by year - but cumulatively over the next ten years. It is becoming plausible that a budget game in being played where 10 years of revenue generation is being used to pay for 6 years of benefits, just so that President's record as "No Deficit" Obama looks good. IMHO - it is a deceit to hide the fact that subsidizing the uninsured will not cost money. The right thing to do is to recognize the cost - and stop the 45000 deaths right away. Unfortunately if all the public (especially the Progressives) plays along in this Kabuki theater, they become complicit in the fraud perpetrated against the very disenfranchised - for whom the Administration and the Legislators have shown their concern time and again. The Public Option disappearance mystery seems to be exposed in the article Kabuki on the Hill which says: "It's all Kabuki theater to cover up the truth that President Obama made a back-room deal with the for-profit hospital industry that the final health care bill would not include a national public option." The big difference between the two Kabuki Dramas is that PO Kabuki was done stealthily, the Kabuki around the delay is being done in plain sight, thus making all of us complicit. What is surprising is that the fierce urgency, the President and other Leaders expressed, of stopping the tragedy of 45,000 needless deaths a year as has vanished. The strategy appears to be hurry up, pass the bill and then just sweep this issue under the rug. Unfortunately there is not a rug big enough to hide this elephant and the Dem incumbents will find it hard to explain this situation during the upcoming campaign. Continue »