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As a non U.S. citizen I would like to express my appreciation to the U.S. tax payer for their support of the Argonne NL. They are doing some great work. Doug Not in Middle Earth irrespective of whatever NZ Tourism says.
It is my understanding that ENVIA can optimise their battery chemistry to suit the type of EV it will be used in. The 400 Wh/kg specific density version is conformed for a BEV with a reasonable sized battery. Conforming for a PHEV would result in a decline in Wh/kg but increase in W/kg, although not sure by how much. I have yet see any energy density figures for the battery. Has anyone seen any data on this? By the way the only data I have seen on cycle life is for 300 80% DOD. Looks good so far, but could start to to decline sharply at any point.
Lucas the literature does not seem to support your views. EROI for wind seems to be around 25:1 SD 22.3 (source Kubiszewski, Cleveland, and Endres 2009) PV is also EROI profitable at between 6 to 12 (source Raugeia, Fullana-i-Palmera, and Fthenakis, 2012)
As already noted this not a new result most past LCAs have had similar. The challenge with LCAs is setting the boundaries. One of the limitations of the studies I have reviewed is that they scrap the battery at end of vehicular life. I have yet to find a study that incorporates second use into the LCA. This would seem have a significant impact on GHG emissions and EROI calcs. I still think the problem is that we are thinking that EVs will be just ICEVs with alternative power trains. I don't know what they will look like but I suspect that the drive for energy efficiency will over time result in, on average, smaller, lighter and more aerodynamic vehicles, even in the U.S. where the current culture is not focused on these features (BTW do you think this is already beginning ro change?)
It seems to me that 14.8 kWh is a large battery for 60km range? By my calculations, asuming a 65% usuable battery we should be looking at something in the order of 10 kWh. Perhaps they need the extra size for the peak power?
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Oct 2, 2010