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The story below is from a dad that says he actually cared for his children for several years. The child support agency knew, but essentially, declined to act in the best interests of the children by adjusting the support order. (Yes this is just a story, but trust me, it's not the only one like it). The children go back and forth, and in the end, the agency says dad owes a lot of money for mom, based on the claim that he never cared for his kids. So yes, he could have neglected his own children to send money to mom, and he could have focus first on the child support agency's order, even if his children were harmed in the process. Compliance wasn't impossible, so I guess he's a felon under the strict liability statue. But is this in comity and consistent with federal law? Or is the term "custodial parent" and "best interests of the child" simply whatever the Friend of the Court says they are? Are the needs of children simply whatever they determine? Or are children and parents actual living and breathing human beings with rights and dignity?