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Doug Haslam
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I do like this solution. I might experiment with it
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I'll speak as one who does update Facebook with Twitter status- why? precisely because there are two different audiences, and I don;t want to tend two different sets of "status" updates. I thought hard about it at first, but found that people-- different people- were frequently responding to my Tweets on Facebook. That (plus that I wasn't actually getting any complaints) was the clincher for me. Do Twitter people follow me on Facebook? Sure, and I don't expect them to follow my FB status updates-- I'll notify them if I do anything else worth their attention there. It's the rest of the people this cross-posting is for. Do I have the context problems? Yes, as I do with tags that go to FriendFeed, then Twitter (then Facebook). It's a challenge to craft Tweets (and notes) to make sure context survives the passage. I don't always succeed, but I don't mind turning certain parts of my life into a single, more manageable stream that may need a little touching-up at times. By the way, this comment should show up in Backtype, which I think makes its way to Friendfeed then Twitter (then Facebook, sometimes) - or something like that-- I shall have to check to see how the context survives. Oh-- to answer the question- does context count? Yes,'s complicated
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Just catching up to your news-- congratulations John!
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