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Seems both Rubio and Obama consider ISIS a tough nut to crack, and hint not too subtly that USA ground troops may be needed. They both state that a Big Problem with ISIS is that it is well funded with oil money, which they go right on selling on a daily basis. During WWII, Operation Tidal Wave was unsuccessful, but at least it showed we knew what was important: KNOCK OUT THE OIL SUPPLIES! Given our knowledge of oil extraction and transport facilities, it should not be too hard to figure out what surgical strikes are needed to stop this source of revenue without completely destroying the components needed to rebuild after ISIS is no more. Why on earth should there be a hands off attitude on this ever so obvious target? Is our goal is to knock out ISIS, but only if it can be done without jiggering with the world's oil supply too much? If so, American servicepeople should be notified of what they are fighting for, in this case The Seven Sisters, and allowed to opt out. Massive solar installs within the USA would strike a blow to ISIS from which they would never recover. Simple simple, but not anything the Seven Sisters will support. Know your enemy, it ain't ISIS. If you look up just "The Seven Sisters" on Wikipedia, you have to scroll way down to find a reference to the book. If you add in Oil Companies, they know the jig is up, and that you already know what the reference means, and they do given you a bit, which is inaccurate, The term goes way back before the 1950's. My other solution is integrate one way or the other, rounds with C4 in them (so they explode inside the weapon), and a dye to marks the remaining rounds in the vicinity. There is evidence this is already being done, a video on YouTube showing a mortar round exploding the mortar and the operator.
Maybe this illustrates how the dems will win: if nothing else, it will give Walt something to think about.
Now these comments appear to be sticking. I initially praised the cartoon. Then I noted that the are no sales taxes on the "or by the owners who paid taxes on dividends or sale of shares." And that the Federal deficit would be paid off in 20 years with a stock sales tax rate of $ .25 per $100. Let's see if this one sticks
Comment appear to post and then disappear, as shall I after this one.
Ben was trolling you, Greg, he said "If." You fell for it.
Nucky Thompson would have blamed it on the Jews and Blacks and Italians.
How many storms like this in a row would affect your conclusions?
Freak storm or highly wildly unpredictable weather as predicted by most climate change models? Vote like your subway system depends on it.
Also concur with Ryan's solution. That would make a huge difference.
Punchline, the insurance companies believe in climate change, and BTW, why is 2012 Steele Blog silent these days on the issue?
Keeping the Electoral College is certainly not perfecting a more perfect union. The current process is a farce that favors the existing major parties, and limits political expression to what suits both of them, which is that which those with bucks can buy, with the aim of protecting their bucks alone.
TV doctors, complete with MD's, do they actually earn "livings" practicing medicine? How many hours per week compared to real doctors? Where is their take home pay greater? Do forget to add in their product endorsement incomes, and their speaking tour incomes. If most schools were loaded with Keachies', test scores would be up a huge amount. Greg hasn't a clue as to who I am as a teacher, even though the evidence is before him daily, and the longer he goes on trying to insult me, the deeper he buries himself, in his favorite substance. That is how it is, and how it should be.
Here's your real problem. This needs to be fixed: If you don't think the parties can play funny games with the elections, then consider hw many of us trusted Lance Armstrong for how long? "Hope we don 't get fooled again..." The Electoral College allows for cheap negative advertising to the stupids in just a few states to determine how the President of the United States is elected, and the two big parties like it that way. End the Electoral College NOW!
You have obviously missed playing water volleyball at the South Yuba. Very social group.
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Jan 8, 2010