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My dad is 91 and doesnt have long here..I want to share this with him..hes also demented and this is the time to speak to his real self, still waiting to hear who he is..In the voice of love.
Thanks for a great discussion which sadly characterizes Gnostics with cartoon accuracy, caricature perhaps..I suggest a look at Tim Freke, the Laughing Jesus and Jesus and the Lost Goddess..And yet you find your way to very valid observations that do affirm Gnostic truth which is shared by the amazing Druz who consider both Plato and Pythagoras prophets. And yes, the non-physical mind and truths of Tibetan teaching are all thoroughly affirmed in Gnostic work, not teaching..You dont "Teach" what is inner knowing. Nobody speaks for god but only, ever As God..and in any words but ultimately silence..Oneness of being in Light..Other good sources are Henry Corbin and yes, goes right into Jungian psych. where Corbin presented for yrs. Also includes Rumi and the Sufi's who are dead center on this way..of No Way..:) So thank you for your imperfect but very good work! (Just like my work, hopefully)
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Oct 12, 2011