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Great article, Drew. The moral of the story is "keep it conversational." Or as copywriting kingpin, John Carlton, has said, "talk to your intended audience the same way you'd talk to some guy in a bar you just struck up a conversation with over a beer."
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Great article, Drew! This same philosophy is applicable not just to marketing, but also sales and customer service. In our ADD society we're all too often tempted to abandon an existing approach or strategy (before we've given it sufficient time to gel) by the latest bells, whistles and Gee Whiz performance claims. The effectiveness of any approach or process can't be properly measured and evaluated if the approach hasn't had the benefit of at least 6 - 12 months of focused, concerted effort. It takes time for most good strategies to gain traction, and if a business doesn't have the patience to stick with a strategy for that long they're going to be forever chasing (and spending time and money on) the next big thing. Or as you put it, the silver bullet. Doug
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Outstanding advice, Drew. I've been doing this for years now and it never fails to favorably impress the recipient. And as you so correctly point out, in this day of electronic communication ANYTHING handwritten stands out in stark contrast. One additional tip I'll offer is that in many business interactions or processes there are going to be certain "touchpoint" opportunities that occur consistently; "nice to have met you; thanks for the referral and thanks for your business" being three common examples. If you pre-script the general copy for these types of notes (substituting names and specific details where necessary) you don't have to reinvent the wheel and try to figure out what to say every time you go to write one. It saves a bit of time and some amount of mental anguish that would normally accompany the process of creating a handwritten note from scratch.
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Jul 17, 2010