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Thanks for this post. Weaknesses are important, and trying to hide them, or dodging the bullet as you suggest Simon, serves no one well. I wrote a piece on weakness recently called Quitter. I found it tough to write and enjoyed the subsequent release. And like you I feel that talking honestly about these weaknesses is a strength. In case you or your readers are interested here is a link to what I wrote.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on How To Talk About Your Weaknesses at Re:Focus
Cool post. Love the interview and the app too. Thanks!
Hello Andy. At first glance I was a bit frightened. Rules do that to me you see. Then I read on and relaxed, "Everyone will (and should) have their own 'rules of social media engagement', depending on their own personal agenda." Our own rules - that feels better. Your guidance is useful thanks. You've helped me to think specifically about LinkedIn and how I don't really develop it all that well currently. Will ponder a little more and develop over Christmas into New Year. Cheers for the steer - Doug
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May I be among the first to wish you an exciting future. Good luck and have fun. Cheers - Doug
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Dec 9, 2010