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Doug Thompson
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David: I think you will find the DroidX is more than just a game changer. It is -- for the moment -- an irreplaceable work assistant. The integration with Google and GMail is invaluable. My DroidX has been my phone, email central, calendar and schedule controller and combination Dayplanner, Filofax, whiteboard, back up camera and even video documentary assistant. I can update any of my web sites effortlessly from most location, The Navigation feature is far more accurate than my Garmin and the Bluetooth (after the 2.2. upgrade) flawless. Another strong feature is the wireless hotspot that turns the Droid into a hotspot that four computers can use. I have used that in locations where Wi-Fi was not available and it has proven invaluable when used with wither my MacBook pro or my iPad. You made a good choice. Hope you and Gretchen had a happy and healthy holiday.