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let's not forget up until the second world war the Europeans ran all the infrastructure in Egypt. They all lived in relative harmony until the brotherhood in league with the govt went out killing Italians,Greeks,French,Spanish, Germans,jews and any other nationality that didn't fit their bigotry.Many Europeans lost everything.Property was confiscated and then they were told to pay a huge tax. I spoke to Greeks who had their property and belongings confiscated. Even then they could not leave the country without paying a huge tax. These people escaped out of Libya. In fact after all the Europeans were kicked out the electricity grid collapsed because the Egyptians hadn't learnt how to run it. What have the Europeans learnt from this brotherhood? absolutely nothing,say it again.
Obama knows what he's doing and kerry is so disgusting.look closely and you'll see the maggots crawling out of his body.
Good point Steve. Most of us in Australia haven't even heard of this fool that thinks gaza has something to offer.Why doesn't he go live in gaza if he thinks its crash hot.He's a liar cause he lives in Australia, he knows the culture here is superior, but enjoys making trouble.What does mordor and gaza have in common?and why does this moofti wants to hang out with criminals?
The Gillard govt seems to give tacit approval to these rascists.And what the hell does Gaza have to teach Australia? What's he want to learn? How to fire rockets and terrorize children? How to lie? The gillard govt recently hindered Geert Wilders visa application but allows all sorts of hate preachers into the country. The latest one is this Dr al-Sudais who calls for the annihilation of jews.This al-sudais runs the two mosques in saudi arabia. another rascist and apartheid country.The Gillard govt doesn't care about anything but retaining power as was shown at the recent UN vote. They just don't care about doing the right thing. All they care about is being elected.
This shit is being preached in Asstralia meanwhile that dimmi minister Bowen refused entry to Geert Wilders and even exclaimed that he disagrees with Geert's philosophy. Go figure. The labor party even abstained from that UN vote.They're sickening. Australia labor is on the wrong side of history.
Trouble with these jounalists is that they would have told Winston Churchill that he's full of hate for attacking the nazi savages.
The press are so pathetic.That erin burnett is not on tv for her brains but then the media behaves like lemmings. Anna kooiman is another one. Don't the press and these so called journalists support the first ammendment?They obviously enjoy lying. It's easier for these people to lie than to stand up for the truth. THe mta is full of chimpanzees who hate the first ammendment. For the media to make a big deal of the word savagery is indicitive of where their allegiances lie. With the savages.
shedinger should be arguing that 'islam is a better fit for the devil" after all the devil advised that stooge mohammed and mohammed took the devil's advice. according to the satanic verses.
he didn't care about his victims. who cares about ramadan. feed this vile pig pork.
choudrey and this other homo should engage with the satanic verses. their guiding light could be the devil himself.If they wish to follow evil, then throw them in the pit for eternity.why waste time with choudrey's pigsty. anyway pinkboy lookslike he could have a bit of pig in him.
if that's how they like it. rapists in the west should be sent to jordan permanently.The time will come when rapists will get turned on by women in bags. The black must be a turn on for some sicko and then what will those imams claim "she turned me on telepathically." Lets not forget the "satanic verses" which is part of the islamic oral tradition. satan came to mohammed and advised him.and of course mohammed believed the what part of the koran is inspired by allah and what is inspired by satan? maybe it's all inspired by beelzebul
please please no more videos of damis leek. she's not funny,'she doesn't look at the bright side of life' her logic is nauseating,she speaks with a forked tongue,her whole demeanour makes me ill,her knowledge is limited,she's not too bright, she's a good little sheep who absorbs any old fantasy without any examination, she doesn't sing,she doesn't dance, everything that spews forth from her mouth make me sick and the question has to be asked 'what good is she?? give me the marx bros,Albert Einstein,George Gershwin,Ayaan Hirsi Ali,Moses,lenny bruce,Danny Kaye but please no more of that plastic elastic lamis deek. what good is she?? give me benny goodman, al jolson,sammy davis junior,marc chagall,amedeo modigliani,rothko,pissaro...........................................................
what else would you expect from these kakistocracies. and of course sooty arabia is the worst kakistocracy of the lot.
I would love to see groups of people going to the offices of these divestment hooligans and occupying their offices on the 30th.what's good for the goose is.........
Shouldn't each and every publishing house of koranic texts be investigated. Even though they are producing korans there are many that are being destroyed due to typing errors,publishing anomalies and many other publishing house mistakes.If they are incapable of producing a perfect koran every time and many korans and koranic texts are being destroyed then isn't it incumbent on all these holier than thou muslims to attack and destroy these publishing houses.Korans and koranic verse are being destroyed every day by these publishing houses.
Let's not forget the Europeans who lived in Egypt and were all kicked out by the brotherhood and the govt.The Greeks,Germans,Italians,French,Spanish etc all contributed and lived in that society until after world war 2. They were all kicked out. Once a month the brotherhood would target a particular group and go on a killing spree while the police looked the other way.Those that left early took their posessions but most had all their property and possessions confiscated.This story is still greatly untold.What has changed?Today they continue their persecution of the copts.Their society is openly rascist but let's not talk about that.
Dismantle multiculturalsim as the Dutch are doing and strengthen the American way of life. Woody Guthrie and Audie Murphy did not fight for this.They must be turning in their graves right now. So too, must all the soldiers who gave their lives for freedom.
Even koko the gorilla would be insulted by this baboon
Have i misunderstood this little happy gay primate.Did he wish us all a merry christmas? wish i could write to him and thank him for his christmas wishes.
They just don't like the truth
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2011 on Powerful Newt Endorsement at Atlas Shrugs
Thank you thank you thank you.
So this is obama's legacy.He might be stupid but he's cunning as a don't think he knew what he was doing when he threw hosni into the shitcan? Wait until some muslim kills another muslim cause he looks like a jew. wait until the muslim world discovers that a gene has been perfected that will make all the muslims look like they just walked off a 'fiddler on the roof' stage set. I wonder if anyone has mapped out the DNA of the suicide bombers. Could a link exist to neandertawl's DNA. ?? As for me i'm going back into the laboratory to work on the gene that will make them all look like jews.If i get it right they'll all look like Rupert Murdoch.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2011 on "Sorry, we thought you were a Jew” at Atlas Shrugs
'we're commanded to terrorize the disbelievers' Wait until the terrorized terrorize you right back.wait until the gates of hell open up and swallow you up.Wait until your darkest hour when the djinns appear asking if you followed the road map to heaven? Who or what commands you to terrorize the disbelievers? You're just sheep. following some evil fantasy and you know what happens to sheep.
are these people infected with some sort of camel disease that attacks the brain's ability to think clearly or logically.these people belong in the desert.i disagree with you frank that lamis [dick]deek is a 'good looking woman' take a good look at her heart,she's fucking ugly as sin.
what an unattractive woman. You wouldn't poke her on a football trip.