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Paul Downes
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Hi all, i do have complaints also but would just like to add; if you imagine what it must take in cost and implementation to host an online game to another already swamped website and to also update it constantly so that people do not get bored? i bet it is a massive task just to get everyones farms updated even with the smallest issue let alone some of the bigger ones. as we all know a new way of accepting gifts was tried out that didnt agree with facebook and that issue is still current as far as i am aware and i can only just think that you all have to hold out and consider that it is the same for most users. I am not mad about farmville but it is enjoyable. in time it will become more playable i'm sure.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2010 on FarmVille Technical Issues! at FarmVille
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Jun 1, 2010