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Paul, what's your comment on the Canadian Ice Service charts?
Look at the predicted ice transport through Fram strait the next couple of days!
Paul, there are also photos from Healy from last year showing ice further south than 78N. For example By the way, isn't it likely they try to avoid ice if they are going from one point to another? They travel much faster on open water than through ice.
Peter has explained this in a way that makes sense a 100 times now.
Cam #2 looking wet today:
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2012 on Webcam art at Arctic Sea Ice
Peter Ellis/ This is after all a blog. One that follow a very slow event. Does it really matter if someone who has been waiting a year for the sea ice to reach it's minimum and several years for the record to be broken gets exited when that's about to happen? Had the texts here been parts of scientific articles, words like "plummet" and "flash melt" would have been extreme. But that's not the case. Perhaps the Bremen graph plummeted in comparison to what some of us had expected rather than in a scientific meaning.
I wonder if anyone knows where I can find info about how strong the winds were during the storm?
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2011 on Flash melting at Arctic Sea Ice
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Aug 23, 2011