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I'd be looking for a) word separation b) abbreviations - Cappelli?
She went that a'way. OMG!
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2015 on Caption Competition 2 at Medieval manuscripts blog
Whatever they decide to call themselves, that team do an excellent job. The images are fantastic - I'm quite happy to see the detail from those rather than risk deterioration of the originals. Thanks for a great job.
Fascinating. More of the same please. We guess at the detailed work you do, it is good to know just how detailed? How about management / specification of the images? Thanks.
Onwards and upwards. I'm terrifically impressed with the progress being made, the alternatives being offered, for which many thanks. My only puzzle? As a newbie to the world of libraries / archives, how about a blog entry on your naming conventions and how to navigate them, comprehend them - for the non librarians amongst us? Pretty please? Dave
"Are we doing a good job? We hope so -- but please feel free to comment. Most importantly, we want to encourage your research in and enthusiam for our marvellous medieval manuscripts." I thoroughly enjoy your posts, or to be precise, the 'posts' from scribes from hundreds of years ago. I wonder what they would have blogged about? Ink going thick on cold days? I'd love to see a series on script variations through the ages.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2013 on Why Do We Blog? at Medieval manuscripts blog
Yep. Agree 100% Mike. We swapped a few years ago to a Dyson (different model, but same ideas). It shifts dirt like a vacuum should. One of those cases where you get what you pay for perhaps? Well worth it in this case.
I wonder if conservators in 100 years time will look at this work and frown, as you do at older work? Whichever, please continue to delight us with the results! Best wishes for 2013
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Nov 19, 2012
Absolute classic (and humorous) Check everything and still get it wrong... though why is it that there's always someone willing to point it out! CMOS or Oxford, I guess there's no absolute right | wrong. Just progress towards it. Dave
Now I'm intrigued. What was the glue for please? Oh. And it is possible to live 'unwired' :-) Dave
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2011 on A Field Trip at Comfortable Shoes Studio
Fantastic development of doodling! Amusing, entertaining, informative. Just wondering where you get a 10' square whiteboard! Dave
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Sep 26, 2010