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Wonderful Advice! Thank you David Pylyp
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2010 on The Sound of Silence at Brand Autopsy
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Mr. Molder, You are very correct in your observations and conclusions. The consumer public looks to many different sources for their news and opinions. Agents have been especially surprised at the resilience of the spring market carrying us into the month of June. There were some oddities that occurred that blended together to make the spring market happen. The US Economic situation continues but the money for the stimulus started to flow post the innauguration of President Obama. Interest rates continued at a softened price point that has recently seen increases. [3.6 to 4.4% fixed could be termed a 25% increase] Inventory [available homes for sale] declined by almost 20% in the west Toronto area that I service. The result? A firming of the prices. Additional Buyers are watching homes selling without the prices collapsing so they venture in. New clouds on the horizon? It will be the additional HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). Now we have a partial rebate to ease the acceptance, nevertheless a new tax. People need to buy before the new tax is implemented July 2010. The combination of lower rates with impending taxes and continuing low available inventory levels will keep us in good stead. Garth Turner and The Greater Fool has been promoting "The Bubble" for the last 3 or 4 years and indeed he eventually will be right. Will it be this year or the next no one knows. David Pylyp
Wonderful Site Thank you I am sure to return David Pylyp
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