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Anant, Congratulations on the new role. You were, literally, the first person I met from IBM when Informix was acquired 10 years ago. In the decade we've been coworkers you've championed an amazing amount of really cool stuff: our first integrated data warehouse offerings, our emergence on the cloud, Big Data, our push into analytics, and more. Most of the things I'm proudest of having worked on you had a big part in creating. So, you leave a large set of shoes to fill, even for a company with as many talented employees as IBM. But beyond your technical leadersihp it's your sense of fun and humor I'm going to miss the most. Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime soon. Best of luck to you. -Woz
Who is going to by cars produced by the Obama Workers Auto Collective (aka GM and Chrysler)? Start with the fact that mostly Red State consumers buy these vehicles, historically. The Coastal Elites love BMWs and Mercedes if they are rich, and Hondas, Nissans, Toyotas and VWs if they are left so. RedState domestic auto buyers are conservative. They are sceptical of things like fast-talking, paper-shuffling, Wall Street types telling themm that bankruptcy means nothing. Many people may boycott as buying a GM/Chrysler is now a POLITICAL decision. You are siding with Obama and the UAW and against free market capitalism, the rights of bond holders, the rule of law, and conservative economics. It's good for Obama and bad for the GOP. The highly publicized fact that most of the dealers being shut down were GOP supporters adds clarity to this. Unless a lot of East Coast yuppies are going to give up their Priusi for Chevy and Dodge economy models (not likely!) I think it's pretty much OVER for these two companies. The antics of Zero have aliented the potential customers and a unspoken boycott of these companies will ensue.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on The Newest Banana Repubic at Financial Armageddon