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Next level gearheads united.
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Thanks for always being the voice of altruism in my less-and-less-time-for-it-these-days feed reader. The journey *is* the destination, my friend. To adventure!
Good for you guys! Get out and explore the world. I'm sure Turkey is perfectly safe, but the media has me mildly brainwashed, so I feel I should advise you to be careful. Current journeys: 1. Fatherhood. It's crazy. It's awesome. It's crazy awesome. 2. Publishing. GBXM is now a monthly magazine you can hold in your hands if you want. Dealing with growing pains, but worth the effort.
@John, let's not forget the silence of a cold, winter's night, broken by the crunch of tires on re-frozen snow and ice on quiet residential streets. And the taste of warm, sugar cookies! The holidays are a bit odd here in Phoenix. It's still pushing 80°F during the day here and I have the front door open as I write this because it's nice out. But it's strange going without snow so long. ALl the Xmas decorations - Santas, reindeer, Frosty - they look out of place amidst the cacti and xeriscaping. Easy to lose sight of the holiday spirit. All the same, I love how I'm reminded of all the friends I have all over the world and how it's possible - if not always feasible - to get together face-to-face. Happy holidays, guys.
All my life, I've balked at New Years' Resolutions. Then, December 31st, 2011, I smoked my last cigarette whilst lighting fireworks in my driveway. The first couple months were pretty rough. The next few months were relatively novel. Then I kinda forgot about it. December 31st, 2012, I know I have a lot to celebrate, but being smoke free for a full year is pretty much the top of my list. It's inspired me to consider something equally epic for 2013; I'm thinking about quitting soda - diet and otherwise - next year. Not sure about it yet, but I'm giving it thought. Figured I'd share. As for what impact I want to have in 2013, it's hard for me to put a finger on it, really. I have this urge to do more with Gearbox Magazine, to maybe get to the point where it's not just me traveling all over the world to meet other gearheads, but maybe making it possible for gearheads to travel themselves. No small feat! I also want to write a couple books (remember my Distillery Project?) and to get my finances in order. I need to stabilize my foundation so I am better prepared to step in and help those in need. And I want to be ready to work from home full time by the time my daughter is ready to start school. Bit of a ramble, but I always enjoy your thoughtful questions, mate.
My best friend is my wife, Vanessa. 11/3/12 was our 5th wedding anniversary, as well as our daughter's 5th day on the planet. The best is yet to come, my friend.
I think it's important to always provide enough detail to ensure everyone's clear about things. It starts with explaining WHY and HOW. When we know why and how, we can draw upon past experience to figure out what to do. For example, your role ambiguity scenario, Mr. Fish. If Tony's manager told him why he was being asked to "handle" the project and how to proceed, Tony would know exactly what to do.
This is huge. Some of us see the presumed success of others and think ourselves failures. Some of us se those same presumed successes and revile others for being less deserving. Every instant we waste dwelling on such superficial things is a minute we're not living our own lives. Assume positive intent. It looks good on you.
Ah, Ghent. I'll be driving through in a few weeks' time. :) For me, one of the big rocks being moved is getting people to realize our little publication puts their best interests ahead of any profits. I'm getting things ready to rock and roll with our "World Tour" editorial calendar. And it's going to be so much fun.
There's something to be said about trust and the processes behind anything truly remarkable like this. Somewhere in the organization, a decision maker basically said, "I trust you and your team to do your very best. I know we will all be immensely proud of whatever you create." The results speak for themselves. PS: Those Down Shift videos are also exceptional. Did you see the Bentley one linked at the end? Amazing.
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2012 on Director's Commentary: Jeep Mighty FC at metacool
As a gearhead, this sort of thing frustrates me. Why show us something remarkable, only to pull it back and say it's not feasible? The message we, the vocal minority, receive on our end is, "We could do better, but the mindless, consumer sheep demand more cookie-cutter mediocrity, so we're just going to keep doing that. You should totally buy a new Camry, though. They're really sweet in beige." Granted, it would seem 75% or more of the enthusiast population never actually buys new, which means the majority of people clamoring for concepts like this Mighty FC, and lambasting Fiat-Chrysler for not putting it into production wouldn't buy one anyway, but why show that ace and follow with a low pair? This sort of thing is a prime candidate for limited production, specialty markets. If you show it, you can build it. Why not accept deposits for a limited production run? If you don't get 1,000 people willing to pony up the cash on the front end, simply return everyone's cash less a small processing fee (stated up front)? Then again, you don't need a six-figure, rolling megalith to drive around the world, do you...
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2012 on Concept Car at Your Peril at metacool
I think we all want to be remarkable in our own ways. (Truly, we are, but that's beside the point.) It's important to remember that we need to temper our pursuit of our passions, so as to allow ourselves more time to devote to them. Sam would prefer to spend the bulk of his time quietly tucked away in his workshop, with warm woods and familiar tools in hand, but he knows that stepping up his game in other areas he's not as comfortable provides him with a sort of exclusivity. Being remarkable in other areas allows him to live confidently in the direction of his dreams. Thank you for sharing this, Diego.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2012 on Being remarkable, with Sam Zygmuntowicz at metacool
Haha. Nice! Replace the second and third boats with Federal and private student loans and you have my story. Hindsight, right, Mr. B? Simplicity is the greatest reward. Of course, we might also pair this parable with the old adage about teaching a man to fish, too. What if we spend the morning helpimg others fish instead of handling the fishing ourselves?
Way to go, Mr. Fishbone. It's not so much that we need maps, but a sense of direction. To thine own self be true. Only when we truly know where we are relative where we want to be are we fully empowered to realize our potential, right? I stopped by a friend's shop yesterday to pick up my bolt bins (literally, two plastic bins full of nuts and bolts from disassembling several cars over the years - worth their weight in gold) and he mentioned he would like me to help him launch a sort of community outreach project. Details are still sketch, but it looks like I might be spending one evening a week hanging out at the "race car factory" helping folks who want to learn more about cars, but maybe don't have automotive role models in their lives. I'm pretty excited. Nervous, but excited. The best is yet to come...
Very nice. I think my lessons learned in 2011 come down to the three words guiding me in 2012: responsibility, action, & freedom. responsibility - if it is to be, it is up to me action - if I act on just half the crazy ideas I get... freedom - putting the rat race behind me The best is yet to come, my friend.
Thank you for continuing to give so generously of your time and yourself to this community, Valeria. It is appreciated. :) The best is yet to come.
So much of this resonates. Best practices - Fortune 500 companies which basically created the market in which they've dominated for the last 30 years should be setting best practices - not seeking them out. "Top talent" is sought out, only to be ignored once assimilated into the org. Surely the ideas of our own employees aren't as good as those we can buy for six figures from a consulting group. I consider myself a big picture kinda guy, but whether we're looking at or listening to the big picture, it's important to remember that our own organizations are part of that big picture too.
Agreed. They do the smutty Super Bowl commercials and such, right? (Not sure, haven't had cable TV in close to five years.) To me, this sort of thing is indicative of also-ran companies offering hyping the thin value of their mediocre products (marketing) rather than investing in actually delivering truly better offerings. People DO need to become better buyers, but how many people fall victim to the subconscious promises made through advertising? Chicke and the egg, I guess.
I think I'd consider GoDaddy to be the AOL of hosting services. Because they do more marketing than any other registrar/host, they attract the uninformed, who end up thinking poor service and convoluted processes are the norm in the hosting business. It's unfortunate, really.
Connections are common ground. They're the things we have in common as human beings which bring us together in meaningful ways to experience the best life has to offer.
Sure thing, mate. Had it open ever since. As I get more time, I'll have to see how much stuff I can pull into it.
Okay. Having had a chance to play with this thing briefly, I'm already really digging it. Very convenient!
I've signed up. This sounds very much like something I've wanted for some time. One application capable of handling most - if not all - my conversations in one place. It will be interesting to see how this thing plays out. Thank you for sharing this, Valeria. :)
Another happy DreamHost customer. I guess I just took the privacy thing for granted. All my sites are hosted by DreamHost (6 or 7), and it's been their consistently superb customer service that's kept me coming back for more. They are one of the only 4 brands I can think of which I can go on record as saying I believe in. Not like. Not love. Believe. And it's all service. :)
I don't know that I fall into either brand or agency side on this one, but the topic speaks to me. Despite the pervasiveness of marketing in media, it still feels like everyone's speaking different languages; like we're missing a major opportunity. Our aim with the magazine is to truly partner with a select few businesses to take a more holistic approach. We want to be a sort of intermediary platform bringing edifying brands together with educated customers. The ultimate goal is an ecosystem wherein we all work together to grow as a larger whole. I see us curating feedback from the market and translating it for brands so they can discover specific needs to serve whilst simultaneously helping brands demonstrate how much they really care for and depend upon the market. I know this will work. Tricky thing is - I'm having the damnedest time finding brands that can understand it. :P Thanks for the new RSS tip, Valeria. Looks very interesting...
I really like the idea of themes over the course of the week. For us at GBXM, it's a bit tricky, as the bulk of our content is in the form of interviews. To me, the challenge seems to be how to adapt the interviews to deliver ever-more meaning to the readers. This is a top priority going into 2012. :)