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... this travesty is not a joke... how soon can col. allen west be sworn in?
it's high time to take the gloves off!!! the pos muslim in the wh AND the nazi bitch gotta go!!!!!!!! how soon again that allen west can be sworn in?
thank you 'thank you'....:) your suggestion should be taken a little further ... i have said many times that muslimes and western civilization DO NOT mix... and all these bullshit attempts of cultural-inclusivenes do not work on these savages. the definition of insanity is to 'keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results' ... are we insane? i submit to you that we (atlas and jw readers) are not. but we must continue to talk and explain to our relatives, neighbours and co-workers and awaken them from their slumber... just imagine a world where you do not have to worry about being blown to smithereen by a 'missunderstander of pisslam'...since there are none in our midst! all these muslime alphabet soup of organizations are banned and shipped to a country friendly to this sharia-s**t. imagine not seeing anymore any of the usual suspects that just litter all channels with their presence... so like you say, let them fly allah air to dar al pisslam and listen every friday to the blabberings of an intelectually challenged imam and then proceed with their usual blood letting practices...AMONGST THEMSELVES!!! let us not kid ourselves. this cannot occur as long as this country has a traitor in chief that keeps strengthening the enemy (150 million to hamas, god knows how much really to pakistan 'our staunch ally'), while working undefatiguably to weaken america and its allies (tru allies that is). soon can col. allen west be sworn in ???
doc, i could not agree with you more. the real question though, is how do we get rid off him before 2012? and how soon can col. allen west be sworn in?
patti, you are a lady after my own heart!!! there is so much work ahead of us..... considering the incredible dammage done by the pathologically retarded liberals in the west, to accomodate the muslimes and their religion of piss... i would say it calls for a very busy schedule but let's go to work already! * foot washing basins in the airport for muslime cabbies should be IMMIDIATELY converted to allow well deserving dogs to drink (a la worth ave. palm beach, fla) * all sermons made by imams in existing mosques (btw, no new mosques/houses of hate , to be built till further notice)to pass scrutiny by a person appointed by col. allen west * immediate deportation in a very factual way to saudi arabia, yemen, whatever... at the least sign of pisslam troublemaking (you know, "behead those that insult the pedophile mass murderer", "pisslam will dominate the world"...etc) * create an environment where a 'moderate/normal muslim' (if there IS such a thing), could come out and express his total support for western ideas, rejection of the inhumanity of the kkkoran and pray 5x/day fast on ramadan etc.... no problem there. unfortunately short of creating a 'new' stream in this wretched religion that denies 90%+ of the old pos, i don't see it happening, but, let's allow those that want to come out of this travesty, do so with no fear for their lives.
dear juniper, you have expressed my sentiments precisely. i find it hard to describe the joy, the serenity and peacefulness i get from spending time and interacting with our four cats. all animals have this natural grace and beauty, unconditional love and affection that no 'normal' average homo sapiens sapiens, could ever have.... and then, there are the m u s l i m e s with their filthy wicked hatefilled pos 'book'... a collection of 1001 excuses to kill rape maim and destroy lives by a raving pedophile lunatic!!!! and then, there is the hypocrisy of animal protection agencies and the deafening silence of the liberal, intellectuals..... if two adjacent buiildings were on fire simultaneously, one had a muslime and his libtard spokeperson buddy inside, and the other buiding had a cat and a dog trapped inside, and time being of essence,.... i would make sure that miss mew and fido would be rescued first.... without batting an eyelash.
would such a fact not be offending to the muslime sensitivity or the libtards anti israel agenda?
to farid bashir to my chagrin, i had a long comment directed to you after following your exchange with davida, and it got accidentally deleted. so i'll rewrite for you a shorter slightly less aggressive reply. the message though, is the same: you obviously are lost in the cyberspace. this blog is not about the glory of islam...over 22,000 people world wide come to this site to share the latest islamic horror stories why you chose to copy paste some shhhhstuff in arabic is beyond me. i could copy paste some rashi interpretations but it would be totally useless. so if we are to converse and allow others to join, kindly use the english language (to the best that you can that is). i would like to understand how do you explain in today's day and age stoning women, hanging homosexuals from cranes, amputating limbs, beheadings,.... do you register what i am saying????? HOW????????????????????? you call this POS a religion of peace???? try a religion of piss!!!! if you still have a few neurons with interconnected axons, you might try reading! yes readin farid. since you are a muslime as you say, start with wafa sultan, ibn waraq, proceed with brigitte gabriel who LIVED amongst muslimes.... and if you still don't get robert spencer if the material sinks in, and you get will thank me for the Rx.
this time you have gone a little overboard... "we do have beef with the genocidal xenophobic Israel as military /political state killers of unarmed women and children and destroyers of homes and orchards, don't think Israel is ruled by good old true jewish people" if stupidity hurts, you must be in agonizing pain. i could prescribe to you some good analgesics that MIGHT help you... listen up! you have the chutzpah to accuse israel of being 'killers of unarmed women and children' YOU? A MUSLIME... you are talking about the most honorable righteous army forces IN THE WORLD, you got that? IN THE WORLD, that abort missions so as not to have 'collateral dammage' ('alek!) since pepople like you are hiding behind women and children and cynically use them as human shields... YOU DARE OPEN YOUR MOUTH???!!! the homes that are destroyed are the homes of friggin' terrorists with blood on their hands... and israel has the humanity to evacuate the bastard's family before blowing up that viper's nest.... i REALLY could go on... and on but i'll let you reply let's see what lies are going to come up with... and farid...let's be honest (can you?) do you REALLY believe this shhhhstuff? because there are two different scenarios to consider: 1. you know what the truth is but you are spewing lies nonetheles (you know, let's speak the party line) 2. you REALLY believe what you are saying... #1 shows a malicious intelligence and #2...= hopeless! (reread davida's instructions) so...which one is it?
davida,you are definitely a kinder person than i. where you get your patience to try and show the light to hopeless cases beats me. anyways, i really hope he takes your advice.
ok buster! enough with the bullshit! davida is giving you some good advice and you are just too dense to comprehend. what are you typing kkkoran bs in arabic for??? i'll copy paste some rashi quotes that you will not understand either. so what would that proof? answer: = nothing! you ARE aware that since 9-11 there have been OVER 16,000 deadly terrorists attacks, all in the name of your pedophile rapist killer that you are so fond of. davida has asked you a long list of questions to which you spewed you islamic taquiya bullshit. you do realize that you have stumbled onto a no-nonsense blogsite that calls a spade a spade and calls your beloved pisslam by its name. how do you answer to the pedophile raping a 9 year old girl???? you sicko! how do you answer to "it's ok to beat your wife....but do not leave marks" hypocritical coward! how do you answer to stoning women? how do you answer to hanging homosexuals from cranes? amputating hands! beheadings!!! i am REALLY getting sick of al this shit....and you have the AUDACITY to call this religion of peace? try religion of piss and even that is nowhere near the dark evil that it is. we know how to read, you imbecile! it might do you good to read as well! being a muslime, i would recommend you start reading wafa sultan, proceed to brigitte gabriel, if you still plead being robert spencer's eloquent 9-10 volume series on your derranged cult. but honestly?!, save yoursef grief follow davida's advice and go to bellevue!
"it is becoming offensive sharing the air with these people. i see absolutely no reason for maintaining any pretense of civility or society with them." not only we should stop the pretense, but we should turn the tables around john! it's about time that the muslimes start to feel some heat and stop getting too comfortable... you do not need a long list of academic titles to know what is right, what is just, what is fair...when enough is ENOUGH! i say all these muslimes that obviously have no intention whatsoever of integrating into western society (au contraire! to destroy us from within...)should be deported to whichever godamn muslime country they wish.... and then everybody shall live happily everafter... p.s. there must be a way that after november 2nd, muslime in chief could be shipped to kenya or better yet to indonesia....ahhh the melodious sounds of a 5am.... no more need to worry about 'the 3am phone call' this will be answered by a REAL AMERICAN!
i am afraid that it is not 'stealth'... hussein is definitely a jihadist enabler and in a 'in your face' kind of a way.... i do not want to start a long winded rant how i despise this man... every time i see those jugears on the air - it costs me another tv set! damn it!
i do not know if you are as stupid as your comment implies you to be... supidity cannot be cured, ignorance however.... can be helped, but.. it is not easy "question: how many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb? answer: it only takes one. but it is a long process and the light bulb must be willing to be changed")
the idea is excellent but it will never happen on jugears-emptysuit's watch. why, he just recently approved another muslime outreach 'program' to bring fuckestinians from gaza to the us....on the tax payer's dime of course... god, how i despise the man! let me count the ways.....
time for the k-9 brigade to be unleashed. pitbulls, dobermans, german shepherds,caucasian ovcharkas must be be taken for frequent walks at such times and they must be VERY VERY HUNGRY and in a VERY VERY FOULF MOOD (the "i want to bite some muslime ass off" kind of a mood.) let this become a dog-run temporarily.... of course the friggin muslimes will cry 'harrassment, religious-rights obstructions, they need protection from the islamophobes etc etc... i say let fido do his thing.... 'good boy fido! good boy. now do it again....'
while intellectually i agree with you.... emotionally i have just about every red flag waving madly and alarm bells sounding... israel must stop this 'nice guy bullshit' i refer you to an article by ze'ev begin, it sums it up well : "The assumption that Israeli willingness for far-reaching concessions suffices to bring peace to Israel has been proven false twice in the past decade. By Ze'ev Binyamin Begin "
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Islamic Coup on Lebanon Imminent at Atlas Shrugs
lebanon, as much as i love bibi...i start to wonder about his agenda a little bit. did barry soetero spike his drink? what ever happened to the brother of yonni??? avigdor lieberman is on target and he doe not flinch, does not appologize and overall i think in these times what israel and the world needs is bibi to assume a closer version of lieberman and if for whatever reason that cannot be allow lieberman to lead.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Islamic Coup on Lebanon Imminent at Atlas Shrugs
mac! you are so right! the late rabbi kahane said it so succinctly over two decades ago "they must go!" that was the title of his book and the bulk of his platform. unfortunately, his voice was permanently snuffed out (by a missunderstander of the religion of piss...what else?)what is even more sad is that he was banned by the ridiculously liberal thinkers in israel proper. once more to speak the truth and call a spade a spade when it relates to muslimes was/is hate speech... i said it before. i'll say it again: immigrants are wellcome. as a newcomer to the west in order to improve your life, it is expected that you acclimate and FOLLOW the rules of the west (usa, canada, australia you name it)should you stray, and start muslime bullshit with sharia crap and roudy behaviour and having the audacity (not of hope...)to attack, plan to attack and threaten the civilization that has accepted you in its muhammad, ahmad, abdallah or whatever the f*** your name is, will be given ONE warning not to have a repeat performance of this shit. the next time = DEPORTATION!!! let us start cleaning house and get rid of this excessive garbage that our society has accumulated.....
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Islamic Coup on Lebanon Imminent at Atlas Shrugs
john! you are definitely a man after my own heart. as i am writing this post, cnn is providing background noise (for my wife, not me) and for the past hour not ONE peep about real news and how it can and will affect the world... some bullshit about a rapper going back to jail, bunjee know, real important news items...... anyways, being an avid debka file reader, i follow these developments with trepidation. i am afraid that the muslime world is feeling too emboldened by the fact that the wh is currently occupied by a fellow-muslime (at worst) or a naiive marcisitic empty suit arrogant pos (at best). this has now led for the mob to increase in size which makes it that much more difficult to control. syria, which was correctly identified as being part of the 'axis of evil', is now emboldened by all the overtures made towards it by hussein o. and hillary (i'll save the explicatives for another time). to add insult to injury, the turkey ...ahm i mean the turk erdogan has become part of this unholly alliance. indeed the plan is to enter beirut (syria-hizballah-iranian forces). to this threat israel has delivered an open unveiled threat that damascus (not a typo, syria's capital) will be attacked should this happen. to say that the match is practically inside the powder keg...will be a mild understatement......
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2010 on Islamic Coup on Lebanon Imminent at Atlas Shrugs
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Oct 15, 2010
how true dagny, how sadly true. what will it take for NORMAL people to wake up from this pathetic media-induced slumber? yes. more and more people are waking up to recognize the monster that pisslam is. but this is not enough folks! we must identify the enemy by name. you cannot fight blindfolded. you must be able to see the target. if we insist on pursuing 'taking the high road' bullshit while left right and center we are being attacked, i am saddened to say that we may just deserve what is coming our way... for we had the chance to prevent this and we chose not to so as not to offend the hate harboring barbarians (spit!) p.s. before shipping these two bitches to saudi arabia, (while we're at it, way way more media 'personalities' should be one-way shipped), they should be locked in a room where each wall has a giant screen where an endless loop is playing 'the greatness of pisslam', which unfortunately, as WE know, is very very graphic....
the un is a total joke! the list of attrocities is endless, yet all this bunch of hypocrites are doing is gang up on israel. poor bibi, in his address to the idiots he called upon the un and asked "have you no shame?" i am afraid the answer is no. it is almost 5 minutes till midnight, time is definitely running out and i cringe when i see the timid response from israel viz. such a beligerant confrontation... i cheered with joy seeing once again israeli genius at work, in the form of the stuxnet virus that has infected iran's military... which means it is the most elegant hit one could ask for as there is no 'collateral dammage' ...but still...what is the use if you are super powerful but do not use any of that force? a drone attack could have silenced that little ugly rat. for good!
i think that it is high time that us.s. and the west reply in kind. what should be sent, is a small package with a how to instruction book (in order for you muslimes to start to feel good about you'll be able to us.....yeah right!) and also many many kites so that they could ALL go fly a kite. deal with it! muslimes!
jane, i am ready to bet dollars to doughnuts that as time goes on, we will see more and more pictures like the one in your link. btw, the headline says "israeli right winger throws shoe" again media manipulation... but no matter... the headline shold have said "average israeli person fed up with the duplicity, hypocrisy and bullshit coming out of the wh, is expressing his sentiments". the incredible hypocrisy and gall of this jugeared imposter is beyond incredible.... god bless you pamela!