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Dr. Aletta
New York
Therapists who are qualified, kind and easy to talk to.
Interests: A unique psychotherapy practice for unique people.
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Yesterday, I was walking Annie around the mounting block, coaxing her into the right angle so that I could get on her. A friend called out, "Do you want me to hold her for you?" "No," I said, "We'll get there." Getting Annie to stay still for mounting used to be an issue for us so this was a piece of cake. I preferred the two of us work it out rather than go back to depending on a third person. We just needed a little refresher course. Then my friend said to Annie, "Vacation's over, huh, girl?" "Vacation!" I... Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2014 at My Horse Is My Therapist
This is true. I hear it a lot. Especially when I bring visiters by. Everytime a friend expresses interest in meeting my horse I do my best to arrange a time when they can come to Maple Row Farm. I love showing Annie off! Last year my sister and her husband traveled to my neck of the woods from Kansas where they have an alpaca farm. My sister had been to Maple Row before but my brother-in-law had never seen the farm. I felt a guy who builds barns and cares for animals like he does should check it out.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2014 at My Horse Is My Therapist
My good friend, Amy Jo Lauber, is a wonder. A Certified Financial Planner, Amy Jo is a business owner, writer, community leader, dedicated mom and truly one of the nicest people I know. When I read this article on her blog LIFE: Live Inspired Financially Empowered I asked if I could share it here. She readily said yes. ~***~ “Keep your eyes focused on where you want him to go.” Sounds simple enough, right? Our daughter’s riding instructor reminds her of this regularly, because the horse goes where her eyes go. If I didn’t see this for myself I wouldn’t... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2014 at My Horse Is My Therapist
We can learn a lot if we learn to listen to and observe the natural world. Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2014 at My Horse Is My Therapist
Recently one of our European distributors, tebu-bio, tweeted: Discover the most popular product on our website this week! @CH3Bio #adenocarcinoma cell line — tebu-bio (@tebubio) January 17, 2014 Continue reading
Posted Jan 19, 2014 at CH3 News
Stage I: Fall off pony. Bounce. Laugh. Climb back on. Repeat. Stage 2: Fall off horse. Run after horse, cussing. Climb back on by shimmying up horse’s neck. Ride until sundown. Stage 3: Fall off horse. Use sleeve of shirt to stanch bleeding. Have friend help you get back on horse. Take two Advil and apply ice packs when you get home. Ride next day. State 4: Fall off horse. Refuse advice to call ambulance; drive self to urgent care clinic. Entertain nursing staff with tales of previous daredevil stunts on horseback. Back to riding before cast comes off. Stage... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2013 at My Horse Is My Therapist
HAPPY NEW YEAR! FIRST POST OF 2013: (click underlined text for links to references) A recent New York Times article published on December 22, 2012 described efforts to develop new drug compounds capable of targeting cancer cells that arise in many different organs of the human body. Unfortunately, much was left unsaid with little source information to track down more specifics. Fierce Biotech regurgitated the essentials of the article, but little in the way of basic science was offered. Since this topic is of great interest here at CH3 BioSystems, some additional R&D context seems to be in order for... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2013 at CH3 News
I went to the barn yesterday. After scraping a truck load of mud off of her I took Annie for a walk. That isn't Annie in the photo but it gives you an idea. Her mane was a dirt ball tangled in burrs! She's usually a fastidious mare. I think she ran into the wrong crowd, went to some dodgy clubs and rolled in the muck and mire. Grooming tip: As I was picking the burrs out of her mane, hair by muddy hair, a barn buddy walked by and said "Show Sheen! Use Show Sheen and they will fall... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2012 at My Horse Is My Therapist
Flipping through a House Beautiful magazine at the library (trying to get ideas for my new office) while waiting for my daughter to check out some CDs, a photo that caught my eye. Carson Kressley, was showing off his bedroom. I love Carson. He's the cleverist of the Fab 5 on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, inspirational guru on How to Look Good Naked and apparently he was on Dancing With the Stars (which I missed). His lightening quick, hilarious wit is liberating and he is so sweet! Then I looked more closely at the photo. Double take! His... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2012 at My Horse Is My Therapist
One of the best books I was assigned in graduate school was Anna Freud's, The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense. Here is a quick review: When The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense was first published in German in 1936 it was at once recognized as a major contribution to psychoanalytic psychology, and its translation into English quickly followed. More than half a century later it enjoys the status of a classic. Written by a pioneer of child analysis, and illustrated by fascinating clinical pictures drawn from childhood and adolescence, it discusses those adaptive measures by which painful and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2012 at My Horse Is My Therapist
Annie teaches me so much I started this blog to record and share it all. Humans learning from horses is not new and lately it's becoming an industry. The other day I was half listening to NPR as I usually do while I go about my chores at the office or at home. Suddenly I heard "...horses..." on the radio and I was all ears. It was a story about The Horse Institute, where trained faculty offer equine-assisted learning to corporations. I liked what Marie-Claude Stockl, the executive director and co-owner, said: “The biggest problem in the corporate world is... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2012 at My Horse Is My Therapist
Stopped procrastinating and finished post for Explore What's Next. Closed the laptop and walked away. Got in the car. Opened the sun roof (a big deal in WNY, trust me). Plugged in iPod. Set it to 'shuffle' mode. Surprise me! Sang loudly with the Pointer Sisters all the way to the barn. Enjoyed blue sky and puffy white clouds. Got to barn and breathed in sweet horsey smell. Heard Annie, my mare, nicker at me, anticipating carrots. Fed Annie carrots. Brushed Annie off for fifteen minutes (she's shedding). Took a walk and hand grazed her in the sun. Smiled all... Continue reading
Posted Aug 7, 2012 at My Horse Is My Therapist
CH3 BioSystems is grateful to the New York Biotechnology Association for providing us the opportunities we had at the One to One Partnering Meetings on the Exhibition floor at BIO International in Boston, MA in mid June. We are still working through all of the contacts and leads that were generated from the event. Best wishes to all at The New York State Pavilion. Don't ever forget that the "Cure Start Here!" Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2012 at CH3 News
While doing some cyber housekeeping, we came across this first-time electronic effort to convey the excitement of Protein Methylation Detection Tools to the scientific community and the interested general public. Although the logos and products have improved since this imageumentary was made back in 2007, the message remains the same today: Protein Methylation is the next target-rich research area of biomedical knowledge innovation and first-in-class drug development for the new century of personalized medicine --- Methyl Marks Discovey! Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2012 at CH3 News
Protein arginine methylation has been implicated in one way or another in 5 major disease categories: neurodevelopmental, autoimmune, cardiovascular, viral and neoplastic disease. The first blog posting in this series (PROTEIN Methylation; The Other Epigenetic Regulator) laid the theoretical groundwork for how protein arginine methylation might influence epigenetic molecular mechanisms that impact diverse targets and processes including genome stability, transcription factors, co-activators and co-repressors of gene expression. Today’s post focuses in on how these protein methylation mechanisms may influence human cancers. Several representative examples drawn from recent journal articles are offered for your review and comments. Recently, estrogen receptor alpha... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2012 at CH3 News
The last posting at this site described the evidence for the role of protein arginine methylation as a key epigenetic regulator in addition to DNA methylation. Since protein arginine methylation can produce important direct regulatory control over gene expression, it shouldn’t be surprising that it may also play a role in mitotic bookmarking, the latest epigenetic mechanism observed to regulate gene expression during normal cell development and carcinogenesis. Mitotic bookmarking is a heritable form of epigenetic control that maintains cell identity following mitosis through a combination of histone modifications, DNA methylation and the retention of specific transcription factors at specific... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2012 at CH3 News
This weekend was what I consider ideal riding weather. A cool nip in the air but no wind, the sun out to warm things up and the ground dry and friendly. On Saturday Annie was so nervous I couldn't get on her. On Sunday she was wonderful and we had a nice long ride. What was the difference? Who knows. All I know is that before I saddle up I usually walk Annie about to gauge her mood. If she spooks more than three times in ten minutes, guess what? No way I'm getting on her. All great horsemen say... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2011 at My Horse Is My Therapist
Photo courtesy Striking Photography by Bo via Flickr ~~***~~ Apparently I'm a right-brain creature in a left-brain world. You've heard about left brain vs right brain characteristics. The left side of the brain is the seat of language and processes in a logical and sequential order. The right side is more visual and processes intuitively, holistically, and randomly. In my work, running a business, I have to be a left brain person. I need to think out business and marketing plans. I need to balance annoying things like my financial accounts. I have to pay the rent and write reports.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2011 at My Horse Is My Therapist
For over a month life circumstances have trumped barn time and while it's frustrating I have tried to be Zen about it. Annie won't forget me, she's well taken care of and as soon as things get 'back to normal' I will be out more. But when does anything get 'back to normal'? Finally I thought, this is the weekend when I will be able to get out on Saturday and Sunday. So what happened? My daughter was knocked down and sustained a mild concussion at her soccer game yesterday. My husband was out of town making me responsible for... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2011 at My Horse Is My Therapist
Hi, Dakota! Thanks for the correction. It's been a while since I saw the original movie. You are right, whether his mother died or was taken from him forcefully, it is sad and left the little guy friendless.
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Going to the barn has been an emotional life saver for me these last two weeks. First it was to help me with the transition of living with my eldest being away at college. This week it was about coping with all the remembering in the media about the attacks on this day ten years ago. As much as I love the city, the country is profoundly soothing to me. Here I can see the horizon's gentle rise outlined by maple and pine, the steeple to an old church, hear the gathering of sparrows preparing to head South, breathe in... Continue reading
Posted Sep 11, 2011 at My Horse Is My Therapist
Last Friday and Saturday I got two great, long rides on Annie, my sweet mare. Even though it was HOT, riding in the country, watching the butterflies, smelling Annie's horsey smell, was the best therapy EVER! And did I need therapy! This summer went by in a blur. My son was a college bound freshman. No matter that I wasn't ready. He was ready and I just had to suck it up. Spending the little time I had with him between his parties and time spent with his circle of friends kept me away from the barn as did work... Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2011 at My Horse Is My Therapist