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The open hand is nice but very basic, I like the more complex designs better.
I've gotten some of these from the flea market, they're pretty nice. :)
Nice, I'm loving these though I was hoping for some more WW2 planes shapes. :)
Odd that they bother making a Christmas pack and a secular holiday pack separate but they leave the angel in the holiday pack. XD
@Emily Kieth did not say anything offensive he simply stated he would not want this and gave the reason. You then implied that his beliefs were wrong which was uncalled for as you have to tolerate other beliefs. Everyone gets to choose their own views, and no one is more correct than any other.
I've got them. They are super-tiny :(
There are approximately 254800 Emily's in the US according to
Oh great, bandz for a family that thinks being pretty and shallow is an occupation. At least Beiber has a job...
Why wouldn't you wear them?
Needs more shapes :)
They're cute!
Sydney: I was talking to one of the bandeez guys on Facebook and he offered to sell me a few packs. He mailed me an invoice, I paid, they sent my stuff. :D
Emily is a very popular name, I had a class once with 3 Emily's in it so it's perfectly possible.
Okay, there are rocks. People sell rocks for gardening and landscaping right? Well back in the 80's some guy created a novelty "pet rock". Same thing right? Nope. You can patent the pet rock as a new idea and product. Taa-daa!
So they have a bad editor, mistakes happen. You can cry about it and not buy them but you can't tell other people what to do. And for the love of Pete, don't call anyone "blasphemers" because their spell check sucks, that's the fine line between angry and a few Mcnuggets short of a happy meal.
Wow... I just plain don't know what to say about that. XD
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2010 on Silly Stand at Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets Blog
One of the guys from Bandeez told me this was a rare custom from an Alzheimer's association. I got one in a Bandeez mystery pack. :)
I think Silly Bandz added the numbers to the build a pack for the same reason they did all the mascot characters. For schools to easily make custom packs for their sports teams.
Of course you could just put ANY charms on any type of bracelet... -_-
Some of these knockoffs are good, others are horrible. I've tried two different coin machines, one gave me an awesome tie-dye gun, the other a broken star. XD
Wow, bad copycats :(
I don't listen to that band but it looks like they did a good job on the bandz.