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My dream theater would be a hybrid of consumer and comercial digital cinema components. It would be fully DCI compliant just like the big movie theaters, but also support consumer formats like blu-ray and satellite TV, anything that has an HDMI output. So, if money is no object, here's my dream theater! -First off I would need a decently sized room, something like 40' x 25'. and good sound absorbing wall material. -Tiered seating, raked steeply enough that every seat has a clear view of the screen even when fully reclined. -7.1 surround with bass shakers installed in the seating. -240" 1.85:1 (flat aspect ratio) silver screen with automated horizontal masking for scope (2.39:1) movies. -Automated lighting -Crestron touchscreen remote control system or better. -Oh, can't forget to find a film booking agent for getting those DCI movies still in theatrical only release. Now for the equipment. -Projector: Christie CP2000-ZX with RealD ZScreen attachment for 3D -DCI Player: Doremi digital cinema player -Format Converter: Doremi 3D signal converter -Digital cinema audio decoder/pre-amp -High-end home theater A/V reciever/pre-amp with built in video converter/scaler -amps for each audio channel up to 300 watts per channel max rated 400 (i know this is overkill) -dual LFE amps 2000 watts each and matched drivers -buttkicker bass shakers installed in each seat amps to match -Home theater PC/server with 14 TB of storage RAID 5, BD/HD-DVD/DVD combo drive, hdmi 1.4 compliant video card nvidia 400 series? -VHS player, just in case, ha ha :-) -DirecTV reciever -commercial grade hard wired surge protector and power filter and/or isolation transformer with battery backup power. -in my basement under garage, ceiling made of pre-stressed concrete panels, then suspended ceiling with flat black sound absorbing panels, will double as a storm shelter if I'm located in tornado alley like I am now. Whatcha think? ;-)
Some great info here! I built my theatre about a year ago and made a point of using dark colors, I used a very dark green, it's nearly black unless you look at it with a bright light. Also, I have a 42" high waynes coat around the entire room made of sound absorbing carpet, it helps a lot with the acoustics, but I still have too much hard wall surface and get some sound reverberations which diminishes the surround sound effect. My ceiling is flat black just like the real theaters, it is a suspended ceiling which makes is very easy to make modifications and the panels are also designed to absorb sound. So, I would like to add that lots of sound absorbing material on the walls is very important and will make a massive difference in the clarity and directionality of the sound, it can make a cheap surround system kick the butt of a much more expensive high-end system. if a sound comes from the left rear speaker I want it to sound like it is right there, if I get a reflection off of the right wall then I just lost the highly directional surround effect and the spookyness of a horror movie. The "dady" scene from "The Hills Have Eyes" is the best example of using the rear channels to sneak up behind the viewer, one of my friends actually turn around to look behind them when that scene started. Also, the scene in "Avatar" when the Prolemuris swing through the branches and vines startling Jake sounds incredible when you have a proper room setup. I place sound quality on the same level as video quality, sound is what really sells the action on screen.
Its about the same minus the 3D, which is much better than 2D, but my setup is not typical of most home theaters, I sit 12 feet back from my 110" screen (projector: Mitsubushi HC7000, 3LCD), and crank up the volume on my 7.1 sourround system using the DTS-HD track. The DTS mix is only 5.1 and I use an extened surround feature (THX-NRL) in my reciever to extend my surround channels to my surround back channels. I designed and built the theater during constuction of my house, the room is purpose built, it is in the basement under the garage and doubles as a tornado shelter, all of the walls and the ceiling are concrete with a sheetrock wall over that with sound absorbing material around the entire room, I built a wood floor over the concrete to have multiple seating levels and mainly to transmit bass from the sub and into your seat, so you actually can feel the bass. Some day I'll upgrade it to 3D by adding a second projector+polarization filters and a silver screen. And Yes, I am an extreme home theater enthusiast.
Holy cow man! this is a 4k image, where do you find such high-rez images at? This is incredible, if only there was such a thing as super blu-ray 4k.
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Apr 19, 2010
I will be putting my dual-projector system to the test this week and will probably have some info on my website by wednesday. If only I had a stereoscopic copy of Avatar, then I would have some great test material! For now I'll be using the Avatar PC game and Journey To The Center of The Earth for testing.
I saw it in IMAX and Dolby 3D, did not keep the glasses, dolby glasses are passive but use very expensive narrow band color interference filters that cost around $60 a pair, they are made by a German company called Infitec. But, I purchased some RealD glasses from amazon for my own custom projection setup, I am using dual DLP projectors with circular polarized filters and a home made silver screen all for under $1000. I am building the system now and my tests look very promising. I will be posting a project journal at shortly, and it will have all the details of this project plus photos. This weekend I am building the projector mount and should be getting my projectors by the middle of next week. Check out iz3d, it is a passive 3d monitor (linear polarized, closest match to IMAX) it was not mentioned here, it could possibly work with IMAX glasses.
This I good and I have already pre-ordered the blu-ray, I just can't wait! I'm not going to buy the special edition in november, that would be stupid when the stereoscopic version is on its way and I am already testing a proprietary 3d setup that is very similar to realD but uses dual projectors. So, when can I buy the stereoscopic digital cinema package hard drive????? I would totally buy it in a heartbeat! Unfortunately I don't know any film bookers :-( Better yet, bundle it with some DCP playback software that supports dual projector output! I don't think easyDCP supports it. This would be the coolest thing ever for home theater enthusiasts like me!
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I want the stereoscopic digital cinema package!!! I would buy and external hard drive loaded up with the movie in 2k stereoscopic plus a bunch of bonus content in the leftover space!
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I wish they would release a 3D digital download along with the dvd/blu-ray on the 22nd mainly for 3D enthusiasts, this would be a good format: or nvidia 3D. What would be super awesome is if they would sell the actual Digital Cinema Package on hard drive or download to any enthusiast who wanted to buy it, I'd pay up to $60 for the DCP plus whatever additional for the delivery medium, if it was unencrypted I could play it back on easyDCP. Yes, I'm that big of a fan, if I could get a 2k resoultion 3D copy I would probably die of excitement! 3D Blu-ray is just way to far out there, I'd be rather suprised if they had it ready by november. TO 20TH CENTURY FOX: PLEASE GIVE US ENTHUSIASTS A DIGITAL 3D FORMAT ON APRIL 22! I already figured out how to make my own dual-projector 3D home theater, and as of now I could play the Avatar game in 3D on it.
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I am most certainly going to buy the blu-ray disc when it is released, hopefully it has an extensive behind the scenes reel. I love the movie and I'll show my support by paying for it. We should make sure they have plenty of funding to support future epic productions. Out of neccesity I watched a pirated version since I live in a rural area and the local theatre only shows movies at one time on fridays. I only saw it because my Mom wanted to see it and after seeing it I was like....WOW!!! I liked it so much that I just had to see it in 3D, after x-mas break, back in the city for college, I went to see it asap (Dolby 3D) and then it was a ...WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! experience, and I'm going on a 2hr drive this weekend with my friends to see it in IMAX 3D. I'm now looking at potential 3D technologies for my home theater, (silver screen, two polarized DLP projectors, nvidia 200 series graphics card, and of course polarized glasses=YEAH BABY! :)
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Jan 26, 2010