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GreatJob! Haha(:
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on Superbowl Commercials. at Erin Sullivan's blog
Erin, I agree with what you first say. For a commerical to truly be good, it has to be something people always remember. I can not really say too much about how good they were compared to other years, because I have not always watched the Super bowl and payed attention to all the commericals. But, I believe what you say when you make that statement. I agree with your favorite/ best pick for the commerical. Dorritos usually comes out with some great and funny commericals. I thought it was funny and cute with the little fat Pug just taking out the door and the boyfriend. I agree with your choice of the first bad commerical. It did not make sense and was not really memorable. I thought the Snickers one was funny, but your right that people do not really act that way. The commerical itself was funny but lacks actual truth in order to sell their candy. People buy the candy because they like it, not because they are actually starving, they would want real food, not just a candy bar. So, I agree. Greta Job!
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2011 on Superbowl Commercials. at Erin Sullivan's blog
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Posted Apr 26, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
I think you did a great job with this blog topic! I also agreed with what the author was saying. It is true that in today's society this is what is taking place with colleges and such. You begin to give up hope on this colleges unless you have a perfect GPA, do sports and have gotten involved in many actitivites. I think this is ultimately hurting the schools because they are taking in only "the normal" and leaving out many good and unique students, who may not have done as good as others in certain aspects of schooling. I agree with what you said later on in your post as well. The second point he makes is that people are starting to start their kids off even earlier in education, in hopes of making their chances better for getting into a really good school later on. This is what they believe will help them succeed, when sometimes it is their parents money that has gotten them into a certain school and not their activities or brains. All of this competition is making students crazy and stressed out. They are trying to do their best for the future, but also want to have a social life and be able to sleep. This can be so hard for students and can brake them down to such a low level. I think your idea of personal interviews are a good ideas because it gives the college a chance to really see the student and know all about them. This could help them get into a "good" school even if they do not have that sky high GPA or that laundry list of activities. Colleges need to see beyond the books and really look into the student. This could change so much.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2011 on College Admissions at Victoria Clithero's blog
I think that Barry Schwartz’s essay is spot on. He speaks about how parents and students alike are discovering that their kids, no matter how hard they try cannot get into their top schools/ very good schools. (Harvard, Yale, Stanford) They are now trying to start their kids off right,... Continue reading
Posted Apr 13, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
I think you made a really good choice. I read Evan's full story and thought about selecting him myself. I ended up choosing Narayanan Krishnan instead though. He gave up his amazing job as a chef at a five star hotel business, to go and feed the hungry back in his home country. I thought that was really amazing and selfless and that he is doing a great job and best of all he is happy. I like that you highlighted many of the great people that were selected. This helps us all see the different people that have helped the needy in some way. All these choices were great and vert hard to choose from. I thought each of these people did really amazing things that took strength, power and courage. I admire each of them and think that we should all try to contribute in some way. These people selected were great and can really inspire us and our world.
Posted Apr 8, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
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Posted Mar 31, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
I see what your saying, but even though we should still be helping in the United States, I still think we need to help a poor destroyed country as well. While I agree with your first paragraph, I disagree with some things as well. I think that the country will only get better if we help them to get better. They cannot do it on their because they don't have the money or means to. The United States is powerful and could really lend a helping hand to them, even if it is small. If those other surrounding countries can improve themselves then there is much hope for Haiti too. Your second paragraph was good as well. We have donated so much to helping them, but we could still do more. We should be down there, helping as much as we can. If something like that happened to us, where our whole country was destroyed, we would want all the help we could get too. I think that no matter what there is always something more that we can do to help others. You had many great ideas for this blog topic and I think you did a great good with it!
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2011 on Helping Haiti or Nor ? at Linghaozeng's blog
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Posted Mar 21, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
Alex, I think you did a great job with this blog topic. You really assessed it well and put much thought into it. You began the blog well with much personality and thought. I could see that you really knew what you were talking about. You shared personal experiences and I thought that was really great. Your blog had a great first paragraph and this made it very strong and intellegent. When you continue to your second paragraph it is really great as well. In this half you did a great job because you expressed your ideas boldly and clearly. You did a great job and this was a great topic for you because of how you expressed yourself in an informative and intellegent manner.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2011 on Growing up Scripted at Alex Marceau's blog
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Posted Mar 10, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
In 2009 a list was created by Time Magazine which featured the top 100 inventions of 2009. Many of these inventions caught my eye. There were many good ones and many of them quite helpful to our world, such as a possible AIDS vaccine, new and rare form of Tuna,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 3, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
I must start with saying how much I loved my Barbies as well. Also, I've always wanted an American Girl doll, but never got one. It's so sad. When you talk about Kimberly, I think of my Madeline doll. I did the exact same thing with her. I took her everywhere and when I went to get a haircut, she had to get one too. I had her sit in the chair and my hairdresser would snip a little piece off. She was dressed different everyday and even had some pajamas. I remember that day too Amanda, that Christmas when I got the Barbie Dream House. (It's actually in my garage.) It was so cool and fun to play with. I too had so many Barbies and loved going to the store to get new ones. My favorite was the cute little stuffed dog for the Barbie. I named it Licky, because of its long pink tounge that it had. I too made families, had weddings and just loved playing and using my imagination. My favorite doll was my Hilary Duff doll, I though she was the best. My Barbie doll collection is actually under my bed in a shoebox, along with my Bratz Dollz collection. I think those were great memories and I had a lot of fun!
When I was about the age of five or six, I was in Kindergarten. During this time I received from my parents a medium sized, stuffed dog. The dog was tall and kind of skinny, but he was unique and I immediately loved him and began to take him everywhere.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
Movies; stuffed animals; try to eat sicky foods. (: Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
David, you have a very strong start and it really makes the blog great. I completely agree with what you said. It is not fair to all students, if just because you are a good athlete, you do not have to do well in school. It is important that all students do well and do not cheat on their academic work. I also agree with what you said about it representing the school in a negative way if their student athletes are unable to preform well with their schoolwork. Just because they have a certain skill, does not mean they can slack off in other areas, and then try to get help in a bad way. The athletes should be able to play, but they must do well in their schoolwork too. The cheating must be dealt with so that the students can do well in school and in their sports. This will also help them later in life, so that they may do well in a career. You did a great job with this blog and have many good ideas. This was a good area for you and you did quite well.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2011 on Student Athletes at Barbosa729's blog
I think that all should be allowed to play sports, no matter how good or bad they are in the sport. Just because they are very good and excel does not mean that they cheat with academics. It is good that the NCAA wants to crack down on the cheating... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
I agree with the first two traits you selected that are the positive. It is helpful when the teachers are passionate because it helps the students to enjoy the class and want to learn the material too. I also chose the trait of understanding, because when teachers really understand the students, it helps the whole classroom atmosphere for the better. It helps the students to thrive and improve in many ways. I do not agree with some of your reasoning though. Teachers know that kids have things to do in their private lives and after school activities, but that does not mean at all, that they cut down on the homework and such. They sometimes may work around things to help the students, but it is never an "all the time" thing or it would not benefit the students, it would evetually hurt them. The students would, like you said, not learn from the material and just do to do, but also, they may not do it at all, which hurts the students and sometimes the teachers too. I agree with what you said about teachers being passionate. When they love the subject and are passionate and want to teach and help students learn, it helps the entire class. I also agree with if the teachers are not passionate, because then it has an adverse effect and causes the students to not care about the topic. It does not matter if students have other classes or activities to do, teachers do not care. It is your job to get your work done and that continues on through life. I do not feel that teachers should accept late work, unless there was a technical problem and a written note from a parent is given. A due date is set and it is not fair to the students who always do their work on time and others are allowed to pass in things late. The grade should be lowered if late to make it fair for all. You made many good points, but some I believe were unrealistic.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2011 on Teachers at Katie's blog
In our many years of schooling, we have had many teachers, some good and of course, some bad. It is up to us as students, to adapt to different teachers and understand their teaching ways and personality. Of course there will always be teachers that we like and favor over... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2011 at Aubrey Levesque's blog
I think Oprah was a great choice of celebrity, I thought of her myself when deciding on a good celebrity. I love how you start, because it is so true how she has touched many people with her show and who she is. She does great things to help others around her and her studio audience. She has interesting people on her show, that also teach good messages and share amazing stories. It is true, while Oprah is very wealthy she always remembers to spread her money with others. She knows who are people in need and helps all she can. That is why she is always in the media for her good and never her bad. I agree with the ending of the first paragraph alot! Oprah gives so much, to not only people in need, but her fans in the audience as well. This shows how she "uses her powers for good". You are right when you say, if more celebrities did this "sharing of wealth", then they would be better off. If they were not as focused on the material for themselves in life, then they would not get caught up in it all. Oprah did not let her power and wealth get to her, but rather she used it to fuel a better cause, helping others. This is a great quality for a celebrity and more should have it. I love the final part of your post. I think that her network dedicated to helping others (charities) is so nice! It is great to do things for others. It is rewarding and special, and if more celebrities did this, we would have a better world. Generations look up to celebrities and if they don't act the correct way, the generation will not either. Great job and great post! I picked Tyra Banks.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2011 on Celebrity Role Model at rachel mowery's blog