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Now that the DCNU has begun...well Im stillw anting this to happen so bad! Been rolling about in my brain all summer
Yipe! This must be yer next 17 X 5 print. My nieces room needs this!
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on random art at
Dear DC please commission Katie Cook to do a 100 page book of Wonder Woman drawings. With the long pants in the bathing suit in the Kingdom Come armor in the floaty goddess toga, fighting, not fighting and with cute kitties. I will buy at least 10 of them. Love, Dramatrauma
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on katie can draw wonder woman at
I just ordered the $35 preorder despite the "Last Day" note dated 6/30. It seemed to transact all right but can you confirm? I dont need personalisation but I do need Gronk buttons!
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2011 on gronk book up for pre-order! at
Ahhh, I was hoping you'd return to WonderCon (met you there 2 years ago and still adore my Mini Venture Bros paintings) but I can see how youd want to keep the Cali trips to a minimum.
Fantastic! Congratulations! My Bf and I have the Hulky adventures in regular rotation as screensavers. Plus seeing this alerted me that the first comic book heroes I read regularly (the New Warriors) are guesting in this issue. (Hopefully to be further redeemed from their teamamtes part in causing teh Civil War) Thanks for that.
Ack! Change those pronouns to She, oops.
Foolish Fools rejecting such good material. Most of them I might've asked you to redraw with a different icon in the thought bubble or line of dialog, at most. Wheres the Dazzler vs Stage Fright one? Dibs on it if you ever put it up on ebay? I work in theater and one of my first comics was a near complete run of Dazzler bought at a comic shop for 25 cents each! I dont know Ms Wilco. You let Gronk watch a lot of PG13 & R movies, let him handle knives and didnt notice he was washing yer the washing machine. He might grow up to be more like the monsters at home at this rate.
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Oct 22, 2010