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Sigh.....I do hope people take the opportunity to try it for themselves rather than comparing streaming from high-end machines that can render better than my 2k PC to Lumyia which is an amazing little app [especially given that one dedicated person programmed what Linden should have done a long time ago..] SL GO shows SL as it should look all the time = truly immersive and truly a pleasure to spend time with friends in-world!
Folks listen to the podcast this FRIDAY because we have two senior OnLive managers talk about = iOS coming soon with polished version [this is BETA for Android folks to try!] & what the pricing is about among other things! I think folks should try it - it is simply amazing. If they do not see the value of something that renders better than a high-end local machine or they choose not to pay for it, yes there are alternatives to staying in touch with mobile. However this is pleasure pure because it shows SL at its best and immersion is more fun that way!
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Mar 5, 2014