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Part of what's so interesting to me, if your scenario plays out, is how this becomes not just a story about BushCo and GOP perfidy at the highest levels, but also a story about the way Big Media has been co-opted and suborned by Big Republican Power. I don't see any way to come out of it, if it pans out, without a genuine reexamination of the role between political power and the way the media have been largely turned into a mouthpiece for the same. They WON'T be able to say, "But we brought the story out, so the system works! It fixes itself!" Because it's going to be the justice system working in SPITE of the Times. Suddenly the whole context of embedded reporters, FOX, fake news stories, pundits on the payroll--all of that gets implicated. This could be SO much more telling about the real state of journalism in this country than the kerfuffle over Dan Rather and the AWOL story. Will we see a new deep-seated suspicion of Gov't efforts to control the media? I can think of few things healthier for our republic in this dark historical moment. Goddess please, that enough of this should come out to expose what we are becoming before it's too late.
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2005 on Sweet Judy Blew Lies at The Next Hurrah