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Congratulations Greg, what an honor to have Lee Strobel on your first podcast. I would love to be a guest one day!
"...So why should we fear science when Rom 1:20 makes it clear that the reality we discover through science will point to God and his unfolding plan in creation... " Exactly. God says, “I gave you a brain! Use it my defense! I know I can stand the test!”
A few thoughts on the video above. I have a great deal of confidence in what Michio Kaku has to say. Yes, there is a "paradox" in physics between the theory of gravity, which applies to big objects, and the theory of quantum mechanics which applies to the very small objects (See the discussion on p. 205 of The Faith Equation). But, I do not think that "physics has collapsed." For now, it is just caught in the mystery of this paradox (Much like in the Christian faith, we are caught in the mysteries of many kinds of paradox). I have faith that in time the mathematics and the physics will resolve the paradox.
Very prolific yet simple explanation of his faith. Thank you for sharing.
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Feb 23, 2011