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This happened to my Aunt. A drunk driver crashed his car into a telephone poll in front of her house. She had family and friends of the deceased coming to her house a lot, and sometimes ringing the doorbell to talk to her about their friend's final minutes. My aunt couldn't take it and started calling the cops, and taking down the roadside memorials that were in her yard.
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I wasn't making year-end mixes at that time, but a few of my faves from 2001 were: Mercury Rev - All Is Dream. Released on September 11th, and purchased on the same day, this album holds a lot of haunting memories for me. Radiohead - Kid A & Amnesiac. I spent a lot of time listening to these albums trying to figure them out. Strokes - Is This It. Heard this in my friend's car on the way to see (ahem) Oysterhead. I thought they were from the 70's Royksopp - Melody AM. My wife bought this while we were in London. It didn't do anything for me at first, but it certainly grew. Frank Black - Dog in the Sand Jim O'Rourke - Insignificance Tomahawk - Tomahawk Sloan - Pretty Together Beulah - Coast is Never Clear In 2002 there was Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, The Postal Service (which I can't stand anymore), Kill The Moonlight, and of course, Vapor Trails, the big comeback album from Rush.
hey ken, sounds like you are taking a good approach. if you find that the self-imposed guidelines (500 words, weekly schedule, etc) are too much for the amount of feedback you're getting, then scale back. But don't give it up if you still like to do it. There are at least a handful of us that still read. Maybe not everyday, but we always check in. I agree with Brian that I would love to hear your takes on more new music. Even if you don't have a ton to say about a new band, a recommendation coming from you is enough to get me to pay attention to them.
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i love this. i'm picky in the same ways, although with different tastes. the only bagels i buy are cinnamon/raisin. i love cottage cheese. but i hate mushrooms and i dislike pasta that comes in long noodle form (spaghetti, linguine, etc). i'll have to write my own manifesto one day.
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agree completely. that "Nooo" from the electrical guy makes that whole commercial. the smoke coming out of his mouth afterwards is dumb, but the "no" is hilarious. also cant stand the snickers ads. how about "vroom vroom party stater!"
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