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Alas, I can't edit that comment, and your link didn't show clearly. So, here's the actual BLS data on LPR: While the geezer rate is lower then younger, the rate itself has been rising, and is predicted to continue rising.
Have you, recently or otherwise, discussed the actual data regarding falling labor force participation? The popular press and politicians say it's because geezers are "retiring". Yet the data, and a smattering of news pieces over the last few years, say quite otherwise. We geezers continue to work. No pensions, anymore.
(Just found this from a link in a current post on SQL Server Central.) A couple of points: - code generation goes back, at least, to 70's COBOL when it was all the rage. TLO wasn't by any means a New Thing. - 4GL's, from the 80's and 90's were not, in the main, code generators, rather just simpler languages, generally tied to a particular database. Progress and PowerBuilder are two examples. Code generation, especially in the database-centric world, is coming back. The driver is the SSD, which makes specifying BCNF/5NF databases feasible, and thus a basis for rational code generation. Modification is then to the schema, and a code re-gen. is now following The Typepad Team
Dec 17, 2009