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"... the future of the church will come about by having faith and discerning where the Holy Spirit wants us to go." Yes and thank you. Where and is there a necessary groundswell of people agreeing with this statement in such a critical time as this?
"A synodal church is a messy church—more committed to dialogue than judgment; more involved in the joy of grace than defining the limits of grace;..." Thank you for this encouraging article. Reading it gives me hope with the realization that there are still some theologians will willing to speak up.
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2021 on A Church of Grace at Go, Rebuild My House
"The curse of clericalism – a phrase employed by bishops and popes alike – can only really be extirpated when there is institutional will to do so. Dr. Kenny is wondering why we are still waiting. So am I." Thank you for writing this article. I wish it could be distributed more widely.
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2021 on The Curse of Clericalism at Go, Rebuild My House
People who are RC and who want to remain RC have had to leave "the Church" because of this back-and-forth debate about their personhood. What is being said today is not any different than pre-Vatican theological positions and is a source of hideous emotional torture which can and does lead to suicide over these many decades. When and how can it stop? Perhaps it never will and the best answer, if one wants to remain a sane "Christian" is to leave "The Church" and join another more welcoming and life-affirming church and "theology". For some, it has been too long and too hard to hang in when one’s personal life continues to be discussed from birth to death, as they continue to try to be "faithful" - is that the word? or should it be instead, continuing to live as an oppressed, discriminated against, ostracised, disordered, on the margins, as a very confused victim?
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Apr 12, 2021