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Well said, my friend! Inspiring!
Stocki - thanks for your gracious tribute to Jack. He was someone that has both inspired and intrigued me as one of only two men I know who have been walking out a calling to serve Creatives (in his case a single band and touring 'city') longer than anyone else. I was grateful to have spent a few hours with him a couple years ago and glean some wisdom for the road I am called to walk. We had been discussing co-hosting a retreat for artists in Ireland, originally scheduled for this month. May Our Father give comfort and peace to his family, friends and all those who knew him. Jack was a great man from where I stand.
For a second there I thought the 'Boobie Bungalow' was the outreach project until I remembered our KJV friends . . . ;-)
Jonny, I'm with you on this point made by Tom. I have been in touch with him recently and would like to deepen the conversation we've begun which could lead to how the Episcopal church is - and needs to - reinvent itself . . primarily through the nurturing of environments where creative, adventuresome, innovative, big faith (risky) leaders can develop as well as the discipling of the leaders themselves. Here in the Church of Ireland we're faced with this same reality as we look to our sister, the Church of England, and where it currently is with the fostering of the above mentioned environments and the leaders (Pioneers) it currently is training and releasing. Fortunately, we can learn from much of what's happening on either side of this island (US/UK) and hopefully build that learning into the way forward for the Celtic/catholic flavoured Anglican expression in this land. Blessings friend!
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