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I love my hipster baristas! Actors, poets, artists, musicians--all! And they sling a pretty good cuppa. I will happily take my brew any way I can get it though.
why would having a family mean no world traveling trips? travel is great for kids It's a fear though, for me too. Would having kids keep me from being able to go to conventions and sell my comics? Of course, I've seen many people bring their spouse and children along to even those crazy environments. (and the kids seem to turn out just fine) not that it's easy, of course, but possible. :D
I like the illustrations as art, find the billboards attractive, and find the questions they are paired with to be thought provoking. Are they successful as ads for a college, I'm not sure. They must be asking you to compare what you get with them vs. other college, right? Intrigued by the art, I dug a little deeper. I found this page talking about their intent with the art, mentioning that they had "called on female artists to visually portray qualities like confidence, intelligence and leadership..." I was disappointed that there was no attribution to the art. So I struck out to google image search and found that the artist is , who I've run across before. I like her work, it all seems to possess a start forlorn spirit. The images don't seem sad or happy to me, more... complicated, internal, pensive. Maybe that's what Alverno thought a 'strong woman' should have...
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Jul 9, 2012
I think M understands the usefulness of students on shuttle rides, but feels like the money and focus of the students should perhaps be on higher things. I don't think the state of things is all that much more dire than it's ever been. There are also amazing strides in green energy, medical treatments and humanitarian efforts going on every day. Yes, money and time and braincells will be wasted, but some of those resources will be invested in improving things, helping others and uncovering the mysteries around us, or inspiring others. Here is something that I found inspirational a few weeks ago, and surprisingly uses what some would consider waste in a beneficial way! (check the videos!)
this would be great, is it not working at all for loudtwitter? Would it be tough to implement?
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Jun 10, 2010