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I think these are really important issues (and there are a few in here). I can't say I have the answers but I'd love to see more discussion of this. Through Dream of Italy, I've definitely tried to cover the little mom and pop places and little-known areas that make Italy special but readers (even high-end ones) want to hear about those famous, often over-run places that they hear about elsewhere. Also, I would like to do more than just publicize the relief and recovery efforts for recent disasters for the land I love (Italy). Plus there's the whole issue of the decay of Italy's ancient ruins and lack of funds to keep them up. If I'm sending thousands of people to see them, how can I help preserve them OR more importantly instill a desire among my readers to help preserve them too. This post has been a good reminder to keep all of these issues in the forefront even when I have my head down creating and marketing content. Kathy McCabe
My greatest passions in life are dogs and Italy so I can't resist Maggie! And I have a rescue dog of my own. Maggie is just awesome. I have passed this blog on to my readers. Kathy McCabe
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